20000 LED street lights cost only 5 dollar a minute

Sep. 26, 2020

20000 LED street lights cost only 5 dollar a minute

The Public Utilities Administration has actively promoted urban green lighting. At present, the renovation of LED street lights in one area of China has been basically completed.

mars series new product led street light

After adopting various energy-saving measures, urban lighting energy-saving and emission reduction has achieved certain results, and the monthly energy saving estimate is estimated to be about 500,000 yuan (about 70,000 US dollars). It can save more than 6 million yuan (about 870,000 US dollars) a year.

The person in charge of the city's public utilities' administration's urban lighting management center introduced that in the 1990s, attention was paid to urban lighting energy conservation and consumption reduction.

In 2001, I tried to use energy-saving LED city lighting landscape lights. In 2010, I started to use LED city lighting landscape lights. At present, the urban LED streetlight renovation work has been basically completed, and the urban landscape lights under the jurisdiction of the center have all used LED light sources.

Energy-saving LED street light

From the incandescent lamp invented by Edison, to the mercury lamp that appeared later, the high-pressure sodium lamp, and now to the LED lamp, the energy saving brought by the LED street lamp is a leap in the era.

The development of the lighting industry is changing people's lives.

Before this, in order to save urban electricity, only a row of street lights was lit after 12 o'clock in the night, and the voltage dropped. Reduce power loss without compromising the safety of pedestrians at night. The person in charge of the city said:"To save money when controlling the use of street lights."

The street lighting of every day and holiday is completely different. This is really not very convenient.

It is understood that after the street lights are replaced with LED street lights, the city's urban lighting energy-saving and consumption-reducing work goes smoothly, so that urban lighting energy-saving and environmental protection have achieved results, saving electricity costs of about 70,000 US dollars per month.

Saving about $870,000 a year.

Energy-saving LED street light

And the person in charge said:"Five years ago, the streetlight opening time error reached 5 minutes, the city's street lamp consumes about 14.5 dollars in electricity in one minute, and consumes 72.5 dollars in 5 minutes.

After using LED street lights, the system monitoring the power shows that the lighting time is now very accurate, and the electricity cost of 20,000 LED street lights for 1 minute is only $5. "

The complete replacement of street lamps not only reduces the cost of urban lighting maintenance, but also improves the level of energy conservation, and the pollution caused by street lighting is also greatly reduced.

Just last year, Chicago developed a four-year streetlight modernization program. A year has passed, and more than 76,000 LED street lights have been installed in Chicago, mainly in the south and west of Chicago, because these areas are prone to violence.

By switching to energy-efficient LED streetlights, Chicago is expected to cut streetlight bills by half, and officials expect it to save about $100 million in 10 years. According to a press release issued by the Mayor's Office of Rahm Emanuel, the utility of the first year of the streetlight modernization program is estimated to save up to $1 million.

The Chicago Transit Authority plans to replace 270,000 streets, alleys and viaduct lights with high-quality LED fixtures for four years. Chicago is also installing a citywide lighting management system for new LED lights. According to the mayor's office, the lighting management system will be operational later this year, and the system will remind the municipality when maintenance lights are needed.

It can be seen that the benefits of LED street lights have been recognized by most countries and will continue to expand. Moreover, the replacement of LED street lights is not so complicated, just replacing a street lamp head can bring so many benefits.

Of course, there are some problems to be aware of when choosing LED street lights. You have to know the eight problems of LED street lights

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