How to Choose Right Color Temperature For LED Street Light

Sep. 26, 2020

Nowadays, the society is constantly evolving, and many things are completely renewed. Street lamps are the most common and most overlooked. The Yellow warm color street lamps are very accustomed to many people, but in the Flanders region of Belgium in the next few years. It is planned to transform the expressway into a blue-and-white LED street lamp avenue, and hope to improve road safety with higher visibility.

According to information from the European union, the Flanders District of Belgium recently announced that the high-pressure yellow sodium lamp on the highway will be completely changed to blue-and-white LED street lamps in the next few years, which is believed to bring better road visibility. To improve transportation safety.

How to Choose Right Color Temperature For LED Street Light

The Flemish district government said that the comprehensive update plan for highway lighting is expected to take about four years and is expected to cost between 16 million and 20 million euros.

In addition to this, after being replaced by LED lighting, it is expected to save 4 million euros in electricity bills and 40 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

The Ministry of Transport and Public Works of the Flanders District Government believes that this plan can be fully restored after six years.

In the future, the Belgian night highway will undergo a major transformation, and the warm light from the high-pressure sodium light will be converted into white light with higher color rendering.

color temperature of the LED street light

The market penetration of LED street lamps is getting higher and higher, but everyone has begun to discuss other LED issues.

With the arrival of 2022, there seemed to be many more pedestrians on the streets in the evening.

The street is very beautiful at night under the LED street lamps. The LED street lamps on the streets emit yellow light, and some emit white light. In our impression, the LED street lights in the city are generally full of warm yellow light.

The LED street lamps on a small part of the road are white light. Why is this?

In fact, the difference between yellow light and white light lies in the choice of color temperature of LED street lights.

In many people's impressions, LED street lamps are efficient and cool white, which may cause dazzling feelings for people driving at night, but in fact the color of the street lamps is not fixed.

The color temperature of the LED street lamp is white light emitted at around 5000K, and yellow light or warm white light at around 3000K.

In fact, about 3000K yellow light or warm white light is more suitable for road lighting, and the color temperature of LED street lamps around 5000K is not suitable for road lighting. However, in larger scenes, such as highways, visibility can be increased and accidents can be reduced.

choose color temperature of the LED street light

Because the color temperature of 5000K will make people visually very cold and dazzling, which will lead to excessive fatigue.

And under this color temperature condition, people's ability to observe distantly will also decrease, reducing driver driving safety. In addition, in the rain and fog weather, the LED street lamp of 5000K color temperature has poor penetrating ability, which also affects the safety of pedestrians.

Of course, the color temperature depends on the local environment to choose the right color temperature.

led street light color

The color temperature of LED street lamps can be customized, for example: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K. It is all decided according to the needs.

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