What is the cause of severe light decay in LED street lights?

Sep. 08, 2020

LED street lights have covered large cities in large areas, energy saving and environmental protection, high light efficiency and long life are the reasons why people love it. However, some people still find that some LED street lights have high brightness when they are first used, and after a period of use, their light intensity will decrease. In fact, LED street lights will suffer from light decay. Although not as serious as that of traditional lamps, a qualified LED street light will still be able to maintain 70% of the illuminance at the end of its life. This light decay is normal. And the LED street lights with severe light decay will reach more than 40%, what is the reason for this?

street light decay

1. LED street light luminous thermal energy belongs to a small range of concentrated thermal energy. Under high power and long-term continuous working conditions, the temperature of the LED chip will be very high, and the various cooling modules cannot effectively dissipate the heat, which will cause the LED street light to have light decay. And affect its service life, which is the most critical reason.

2. LEDs are driven by constant current, and some LEDs use LEDs to drive them attenuated. The driving current is greater than the rated driving condition, which causes the LED street light to decay.

3. LED street lights are used outdoors and are affected by environmental factors. If the manufacturer fails to seal and waterproof the street lamp head, the interior of the light source will be corroded by rainwater and acid and alkali substances. Affects the service life and light decay occurs.

There are many reasons for the decrease in LED street light intensity. For example, the thermal resistance of the LED chip itself, silver glue, and long-term continuous operation of the street lamp, if the heat dissipation module can not effectively dissipate heat, it will affect the LED life and light performance. As well as colloidal and gold wires are also related to light decay. However, the most critical issue is the temperature problem. Many LED street light manufacturers still pay attention to low-priced products, and do not pay special attention to heat dissipation. As a result, the long-term use of these LED street light products will cause serious light attenuation. Moreover, the heat dissipation efficiency of the heat sink of the LED street lamp decreases with time. This is due to the accumulation of dust and bird feces, which reduces its heat dissipation efficiency, which is very unfriendly to the lamp.

high quality led street lighting

LED street light attenuation is the weakening of the signal during transmission. At this stage, the major LED street light manufacturers have different degrees of LED street light attenuation. High-power LEDs also have light attenuation, and temperature is directly related to light attenuation. It is also related to the chip quality of the LED street lamp head, phosphor and packaging technology. The way to reduce the decay of LED street lights is to ensure product quality and heat dissipation of street lamp heads.

We pay great attention to the product quality of LED street light fixtures. Take the independently developed Saturn Low power LED Street Light as an example. With the improvement of packaging technology, carrier board design and the quality of heat dissipation modules, many problems have been solved. Due to the large luminous power of LED street lights, it is very important for manufacturers to design the cooling fins and modules of LED street lights. The IP66 waterproof level and excellent heat dissipation ability protect the LED street lamp head, reduce the light attenuation and extend the service life. After the lamp is assembled. It is also necessary to add paint protection to the outside of the luminaire cooling module to prevent weather erosion. The smooth surface makes it difficult for dust and birds to adhere, which well solves the heat dissipation requirements of LED street lights, taking away excess heat, and the lamp life is naturally longer, and the problem of light decay is naturally solved.

saturn led street light

Saturn led street light dust proof

Saturn led street light has good cooling

Lampshining has been increasing the development of LED lighting products since it started to produce LED outdoor road lighting products in 2010. We believe that quality and integrity are the prerequisites for winning customers' affirmation. In terms of LED street lights, a series of product lines have been formed. At the same time, it can give corresponding road lighting solutions. It is an LED lighting manufacturer that integrates high-power LED outdoor lighting, intelligent product research and development, production and sales. Welcome to inquire.

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