(Hurrciance) 180W UFO LED high bay light for Paper Mill

    Today , LED lights are becoming more and more popular . Many people have been replacing traditional lamps with LED lamps . LED lamps are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, long-life, waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and easy to maintain. Traditional lamps often have high temperatures, stroboscopic, black spots, and the like. It is a good decision on the customer to decide to replace the traditional light bulb to install the LED light . Whether it is factories , hotels , sports fields , streets , parking lots , etc , LED lights are a good choice . 

    The following is the feedback from the first workshop of China Vinda Paper Mill . After learning about LED lighting , they decided to change the original traditional lighting to our company's UFO LED High Bay Light . Here are some feedback : 

     After replacing the traditional light bulb , the customer was very satisfied with the result . Turning on the lights during the day is still very bright and the customer wants to see how it works at night . 

Feedback from customers using ufo led high bay light

400WHPS used before replacement.

Use 400W HPS effect

Replaced with 180W UFO LED High Bay Lights

The effect of replacing HPS with ufo led high bay light

ufo led high bay light case

You can clearly see the light of UFO LED high bay light.  

180w UFO LED High Bay Light Actual Case

factory ufo led high bay lights case

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