Linear LED high bay lights - Create a stylish space without compromising on the illumination

Looking for an illuminating solution to brighten spacious indoor areas with high ceilings? As the term suggests, a high bay linear LED light is an excellent option for illuminating spaces like workshops, factories, garages, underground cafes, offices, concert halls, etc. Thanks to the reliable tie-down system, this power-efficient lighting equipment is easy to set up no matter the ceiling height. Whether you place linear LED high bays at 15 feet or 40 feet above ground level, they will provide the optimum lighting for your setting. These illuminating solutions feature efficient lumen output while creating a pleasing effect of spreading light. Linear LED high bays are best for working areas as they provide a focused light spread needed for efficient workflow.

Here at Lampshining, we sell suspended lighting solutions of different power - from 50W to 240W. They are equipped with the Philips SMD 5050 chip that ensures bright illumination without blind areas. The lights can be easily mounted on the wall or ceiling. They look contemporary and can be ideally introduced even into the boldest interior designs.

How to pick the right LED linear high bay fixtures to illuminate your premises?

When selecting suspended lighting, consider its power, energy, color temperature, and the number of lumens. It makes sense to buy lights that provide sufficient luminous lux and a color temperature exceeding 4000 Kelvin. These criteria are essential when it comes to comfort and optimal-for-eyes lighting. On top of that, you should calculate the correct amount of lumens and wattage. Energy-efficient LEDs use fewer watts. Other essential factors are the spacing and type of lights.

Don't be afraid to make a choice. The Lampshining team of dedicated experts is always here to assist you with the features of LED linear high bay fixtures. Doubts aside, together, we will find the right lighting solution for your space.

Why buy LED linear high bay fixtures?

Whether you want to illuminate an office, warehouse, lounge bar, workshop, or retail store, suspended lighting is always a good idea. First off, this gentle light can easily set the mood and tone in any facility, creating a pleasing effect conducive to casual chitchat. Secondly, the proper light distribution supports visual sharpness without unwanted interferences that is crucial in working areas and offices. On top of that, you can select a warm or cool white color temperature, depending on the requirements of your premise. However, the most common reason people choose to buy linear LED high bay lights is their cost-effectiveness. Thanks to their durability and low energy use, these lighting solutions can save you hundreds of bucks.

There is no better place to opt for LED linear high bay fixtures than Lampshining

High bay lights became a favorite alternative for illuminating large spaces. They provide excellent lighting diffusion while being fully versatile. Thanks to their easy-to-mount construction, you can install them almost anywhere.

There is no room for doubts when it comes to ordering linear led high bays from Lampshining. Our suspended lighting solutions are CE RoHS ETL DLC standard compliant and have no magnetic disturbance influence. Since they are manufactured with no harmful components, they have a low carbon footprint. Not to mention that they have a long service life, and you do not have to spend excessive time and money on replacements.

Contact us and get your hands on this durable yet sleek product that offers premium lighting in high ceiling spaces.

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