LED flood lights: Broader beams, higher output and better illumination

Turn it on and save the day – even at night! Lampshining LED flood lights pack quite a punch to make you, your commercial property or factory floor bask in bright illumination. These broad-beamed fixtures edge out their metal halide and incandescent counterparts in output while being cheaper to maintain. So,if it is efficiency that means the world to you, look no further.

You can't help but explore all our series for flood fixtures. Start with NEMO EKO for outdoor LED flood lights ranging from 50W to 200W. If you like it when fixtures work in pairs to illuminate wide spaces, look at the Linkable series. And Slim options are worth it for indoor LED flood lights and those that add to the curb appeal with their sleek aluminum casings.

Are you looking to set up an adequate illumination source and prevent blinding glare? Jump into our Anti-Glare series for high-intensity flood lights that feature additional reflection protection. These are great for reducing uncontrolled glare while ensuring the light is distributed in a way that can't harm anyone.

Industrial and commercial LED flight lights that fit your applications

Lampshining flood lights can be used to illuminate small and large areas. Our NEMO EKO, Linkable, Anti-Glare and Slim series include fixtures for:

● driveways and railways

● sports venues

● tunnels

● external walls, buildings and monuments

● warehouses and plants

● gardens and trees

● flagpoles

● billboards

When browsing through the series, you can also come across exterior LED flood lights that can be set up using multiple installation methods. We offer pole-mounted, free-standing and other options to be secured on the walls and ceilings. You can also get flood lights with rotatable brackets to adjust the illumination angle of every fixture in an interconnected setup.

Can't find the best LED flood lights for your space? Use our OEM service to make fixtures you need with our hands.

Made to illuminate areas for years

We use well-tested materials and run our flood lights through an array of compliance tests. That's why they've notched ETL, RoHS, TUV, DLC, SAA, and other certifications and met IESNA-approved standards.

From their casings to LEDs, we triple-check every part to ensure you won't face any flickering or premature failure caused by defective components. This assurance comes from our understanding of the manufacturing process and goes into a Lampshining 5-year warranty on indoor and outdoor LED flood lights.

To make them suitable for outdoor uses, we bet on durability when manufacturing flood lights. All our fixtures have IP and IK ratings, serving as proof that you can install them in:

● high-wind locations

● industrial sites with increased humidity levels or the risk of dripping water

● dust environments

This makes our industrial and commercial LED flood lights capable of tens of thousands of lighting hours without taking a hit. It will be years before you need to replace them. And chances are, you'll want to return to Lampshining for another set of fixtures once you find out how cheap they are when going wholesale. No supplier can beat our prices.

Match our flood lights with your lumen and wattage needs to buy the right ones. Light it up then!

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