LED post top lights for all sorts of walkways

Lampshining post tops will make you forget about two things: inefficient metal-halide lamps and the pain of paying high electricity bills. By emitting 110-140 lumens per watt, our outdoor fixtures need way less energy to illuminate pathways and walkways. They use the latest LED chips from Osram, Lumileds and other brands, so our post top lights can prevent power consumption from putting a squeeze on your wallet.

Our post tops are designed for outdoor uses. Once pole-mounted, they perfectly spread light in parks, gardens and parking lots to improve safety in public areas. Some of our fixtures can also serve as comfort-enhancing landscape and lawn lighting sources.

Achieve efficiency from dusk till dawn with PRO LED post tops

The PRO series includes 20-60W post tops, each with 130LM/W in their efficiency. These downward-facing luminaires are lantern-style lights that work equally well for commercial and residential outdoor lighting. Available in black, grey and green casings, they can add a retro look to any area for the sake of decoration.

PRO outdoor post top lights feature photocells to ensure the highest LED efficiency from dusk till dawn. They can automatically adjust illumination output as more or less natural light shines on the fixtures. They are on when things get dark and off during the daytime without you having to switch anything.

When it comes to certifications, our PRO lights are RoHS-certified and have got CE markings.

Up the ante with the Plus series

Plus post top lights are up for 140 lumens per watt and come in 30-90W options. They are great for modern lighting projects for parkways, driveways and others while emitting light in various beam angles. They are certified to do that, as proven by TUV, ETL, DLC, RoHS, CE and other compliance regulations.

There are so many ways you can install our Plus LED luminaires. They can be mounted on poles and walls to throw a bright downward or upward glow over the space that needs to be lit. In addition, Plus post top light fixtures can be used in duo setups. That means you can either install one or two luminaires on a single pole to illuminate wider areas.

Go sleek with 110-120LM/W LED post top light fixtures

These post tops look slim and beautiful, but there's more to their design than meets the eye. They are highly efficient at 110-120LM/W and rated to be IK10. This ruggedness makes them ideal for outdoor applications as our lights can resist up to 20 joules of impact.

Our 110-120LM/W LED post tops are weatherproof at IP65 and boast dusk-to-dawn sensors. Like other Lampshining fixtures, they are proven to be durable and safe with plenty of certifications, including DLC, SAA, ETL, cETL, RoHS, etc.

Lampshining warranty

We assure you of the top lighting performance of our PRO, Plus and 110-120LM/W post tops with a 5-year warranty. It covers design and LED defects, meaning we'll do repairs or replacements for free if something is wrong with our fixtures. If their lifespan is compromised, you can turn to us to address any problem within the warranty period.

Contact us for any inquiries about our LED post top lights. We’ll quickly respond with a quote and break down our affordable pricing for you. Wholesale orders are available, too!

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