LED high bay light - Your surefire way to light up a large indoor area

Lighting up an ample indoor space has become more efficient than ever before. Sports arenas, loading docks, and warehouses can now be easily illuminated with easy-to-mount high bay LED light fixtures. They are durable, efficient, and excellent for lighting large spaces. Furthermore, they last much longer than regular HID fixtures.

Upgrade your lighting systems today for higher productivity through enhanced visibility and lower risks of accidents. Our professionally designed illuminating products can sufficiently brighten your facility, adding to the overall workflow efficiency.

Leverage LED high bay lights to ensure ultimate energy efficiency

Want to reduce your energy costs? Then LED UFO high bay lights from Lampshining should be your go-to solution. Shifting to LEDs, you can reduce your energy costs by about 60%. For commercial building owners, this means significantly minimized utility costs. On top of that, these lighting solutions are long-lasting. Their average lifespan is 50,000 hours, which is ten times longer than incandescent lights can offer. High bay LED shop lights feature a waterproof, anti-dust design and can easily withstand harsh environments. While being made of tempered glass with an aluminum reflector, these lights are almost impossible to break. Another distinctive feature of these illuminating products is superior light uniformity. Due to their unique design, LED fixtures distribute light evenly across a given surface. When you turn on the LEDs, you enjoy sufficient luminosity at once. They do not flicker and work without time delays.

Plunge into our ever-expanding high bay LED light fixtures assortment

The Lampshining assortment takes you to the most energy-efficient and long-lasting industrial LED lights, including:

● Integrated sensor UFO LED high bay lights

These lights come in 100, 150, and 200W. Their distinctive feature is a motion sensor that controls the emitted light, regulating energy consumption. The product is easily assembled, has the required light protection levels, and can be effectively used for exhibition halls, indoor sports fields, workshops, and other facilities where energy-saving illuminating solutions are crucial. 

● Slim Fin UFO LED high bay lights

These lights' power ranges from 100 to 240 Watts. Thanks to the universal folding aluminum fin design, these high bay lights are lightweight (up to 3kg) yet highly durable. Their luminaire efficiency goes up to 200 LM/W that ensures adequate energy consumption and smooth heat dissipation. 

● RGO UFO LED high bay lights

At Lampshining, you can opt for 100 and 150W RGO lights with a light efficiency that goes up to 160 LM/W. They come with a graphene heat sink and a built-in induction sensor that allows remote control. With RGO UFO LED high bay lights, you can save up to 80% of energy monthly compared to traditional lamps. 

● Usmart UFO LED high bay lights

This state-of-the-art illuminating equipment comes with integrated daylight and microwave sensor. With these lights, you can forget about electricity waste for good. They're programmed to turn off when no motion is detected. This technology boosts their energy efficiency and extends a lamp lifespan. 

Access the world of efficient industrial illuminating with Lampshining

Ready to upgrade your facility while ringing down overhead expenses? Then the Lampshining store is your ultimate destination. We have a great selection of LED high bay fixtures of different designs and energy efficiency. They are made with the IP65 and IK10 protection conditions in mind and possess one of the highest luminaire efficiency on the market. Our LED UFO high bays have a folding aluminum fin design that ensures their lightness and superior design. We're assured of the quality of our illuminating products and offer you a 5-years warranty.

Get in touch with Lampshining to boost the overall lighting performance in your facility. We're always standing by to offer you the innovative illuminating solutions that make the difference.

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