6pcs 150W LED Flat High Bay Lights for Canada Warehouse - Customer Feedback

This project is from our Canada customers. In order to improve his Warehouse lighting. Replace the original metal halide lamp with our Lampshining LED Flat High Bay Lights. Below is the feedback from the customer.

Project location: Warehouse

Hello Jack!

I just want to tell you that I received the High Bay Lights. I hooked them up yesterday. They are AMAZING!!!

Such great lights with GREAT quality!!!

I am very impressed and HAPPY!!

Everyone who see the lights are equally amazed!!

Thanks for everything. Your company is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Best Regards!!

150w led flat high bay light Customer feedback letter

case of 150w led flat high bay light for warehouse

Hi Jack!

Attached is a photo of our warehouse. We placed 6 x 150W, 5000K LED High Bay Lights at 6 meters height. The warehouse is 112 meters squared area. The difference from old 400W metal halide lights is tremendous. You can see the old lights in the photo.

The measurement is now 600 LUX (60 f.c.) throughout. This is a very bright level and perfect for your warehouse.

The light is bright, is perfectly even with little or no shadowing and the colour rendering is superb.

The installation was very easy. Highly recommended!

Thanks for such a great light as well as advice from your engineers that helped us choose the correct set of lights for our application. We are very happy!

We will be installing Occupancy Sensors for the lighting control.

Best Regards!

150w led flat high bay light Customer feedback letter

It can be seen that the effect on the spot is very satisfactory. In this project, the luminaire used is our 150W LED Flat High Bay Light.

150w led flat high bay light

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