(NEMO) 300W 5000K LED Flood Light Replaces 1000W HPS for Tennis Courts

This time the project came from California, USA. The customer chose our 300W LED Flood Light to replace the 1000W HPS lamp they used in the tennis court. Below is the customer feedback picture

installation 300w led flood lightnemo 300w led flood light application case

300w led flood lighting

The safety and comfort of a tennis court depends on proper lighting. In addition, customers realized that the operation of tennis courts would consume a lot of electricity in actual operation, so they chose to use our Lampshining NEMO anti-glare 300W LED floodlight to replace the original 1000W HPS lamp, which will save a lot of electricity costs, and Higher quality lighting will be obtained.

Project location: Tennis Courts

Used lamps: NEMO 300W LED Flood Light

nemo led flood light

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