100W LED Corn Light for Parking lot Shoebox Fixtures Retrofiting

In the Project, the customer chose to use our 100W LED corn lamp to replace the metal halide lamp in the shoe box lamp of the parking lot. No need to replace the entire lamp, just replace the bulb to enjoy the benefits of LED lighting. The customer is very satisfied and sent feedback.

100w led corn bulb for parking lot shoebox fixtures retrofiting

100w led corn bulb for parking lot shoebox fixtures retrofiting

Replacing the conventional metal halide and high-pressure sodium lighting of your parking lot with LED lighting is a great choice for you. This choice will save you a lot of electricity bills, and the life span of 50,000 hours is several times that of HPS and HID, which means that the number of replacement bulbs will also be reduced, thereby reducing cost consumption.

Project location: Parking lot

Used lamps: 100W LED Corn Bulb

00-240w led corn light show.jpg

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