LED Flood Lights for Football field [2022 Best Stadium Lighting]

Sep. 26, 2020

Football Field LED Lighting

In the face of the LED football field flood lights that can be seen everywhere on the Internet, which one is better?

According to customer needs, we developed the latest

Lightweight LED Football Field Flood Lights

In 2022. If you are using a metal halide or a high pressure sodium lamp, this light will be the best choice for your football field lighting solution. And the effect will be beyond your imagination.

If you are building or renovating your football field lighting, please contact us. We offer free football field lighting design and Dialux simulation for specific lighting designs. Design the lighting solution that best suits your course.

football field led lighting

Our LED football field light is made of lightweight materials, so it is 50% lighter than die-casting and has great advantages in installation, transportation and use. And 300W-1800W can choose, light efficiency up to 150LM/W, 50,000 hours life, can easily replace 600W-4000W metal halide lamp and high pressure sodium lampAnd can reduce energy consumption by 60-80%, and a 5-year warranty. It is widely used in large-area lighting such as football stadiums, stadiums, tennis courts, basketball courts, golf courses, and docks.

high power led stadium flood light

So what are the requirements for football field lighting?

Lighting design requires football field lighting, smooth and stable luminous flux, no fluctuation, stroboscopic energy is small, no stroboscopic effect harm. To ensure that the football is flying in the air, it does not ghost, does not drag the light tail, and And playing football for a long time under the lighting of the football field, the visual comfort, no acid, swelling, visual discomfort, visual fatigue.

There are five main points:

1. Football field lighting level average illumination and horizontal illumination uniformity

2. Football field lighting vertical illumination

3. Football field lighting color temperature

4. Football field lighting color rendering index

5. Glare and illumination angle of football field lighting

1. Football field lighting level average illumination and horizontal illumination uniformity

If it is a normal football club, the average illumination of the football field (Eh) is 150 lux, and the ratio of the minimum illumination to the average illumination (U2) is not less than 0.5. If it is a top football event like The World Cup, the ratio of the minimum illumination to the maximum illumination (U1) of the main camera is not less than 0.7, and the ratio of the minimum illumination to the average illumination (U2) of the horizontal illumination is not less than 0.8 .

2. Football field lighting vertical illumination

The vertical illumination helps capture the close-up of the momentary movements during the game, especially facial expressions. Designers must consider the illuminance balance in all directions to reduce the illuminance imbalance when shooting on the field camera. For the top football events like the World Cup, the main camera's vertical illumination (Evmai) needs to reach 2000 lux, and the auxiliary camera's vertical illumination (Evaux) needs to reach 1400 lux.

3. Football field lighting color temperature

For outdoor stadiums of all competition levels, Tk ≥ 4000K can meet the demand, but the top football match like the World Cup needs to reach 5500K.

4. Football field lighting color rendering index

The usual color of the club football field lighting is more than 65, but if it is a professional football event, it needs to reach 80 or more.

5. Glare and illumination angle of football field lighting

As shown in the figure below, a bad light source will cause too many shadows on the main court, affecting the athlete's line of sight and experience, and will reduce the visual clarity of the audience and the TV station, which will seriously cause strobe and Affect the viewing experience.

In order to minimize the impact of this shadow, we have already solved this process in designing this LED Football field lights. With our new LED Flood Light, we will get a good lighting environment. Our module is rotatable. A uniform distribution of light can And equipped with anti-glare cover, so that athletes and viewers can get a good experience.

Glare and illumination angle of football field lighting

Why choose our LED Flootball Field Lighting fixtures?


In addition, many safety hazards can be after during use. After a long period of use, the pole will gradually age. If the weight of the luminaire is too heavy With its lightweight LED football field Light, the likelihood of this happening is greatly reduced And it will reduce labor costs during maintenance.

lightweight led football stadium flood lights fixture

2. High efficiency

Using high-quality Lumileds 5050 chip, it has a stable and uniform light source with a high efficiency of 150LM/W. Precise control of the light source minimizes light waste. And can easily replace up to 4000W of metal halides and high pressure sodium lamps To achieve the best lux requirements.

3. Multiple certifications

Our football field lighting fixtures are available in ETL, DLC, ENEC, TUV, CE, RoHS, SAA, CB, IECEE, Lm79, Lm80, ISTMT, IK08, Salt spray test. Suitable for the global lighting market.

4. The module can be rotated

In order to increase the quality of the football field lighting, the design of the rotatable module allows us to adjust the lighting angle according to the venue to get the best uniform illumination.

5. Anti-glare

Taking full account of the impact of glare on athletes and spectators, our LED football field lighting fixtures can be equipped with an anti-glare cover for optimal illumination and anti-glare effects.

led football stadium flood light wight anti-glare accessory

6. Good heat dissipation

Structure on heat dissipation, the heat dissipation area is langer, and the heat dissipation effect is better, it's with Lighter weight, which is 1/3 of weight of die-casting, proximate matter and cold forging. Have a very good cooling system using In combination, if the heat around the LED chip is too high, the brightness and life of the lamp will be reduced., and also the great importance to heat dissipation during design, which is one of The reasons for the durability of our lamps.

led football stadium flood light Good heat dissipation

7. Long life

The long life of 50,000 hours is several times higher than that of metal halides and high pressure sodium lamps. The cost of long-term use of LEDs will be lower and lower.

8. Waterproof and lightning protection

The waterproof and lightning protection of the IP66 keeps the luminaire from damage in bad weather.

football field light waterproof and lightning protection

9. Optional lighting angle

Perhaps you are still worried about which lighting to choose for the lighting angle, our lamp has 10, 20, 60, 90 degree, P50-P8, P50, TypeIV can choose. The installation height of the luminaire is usually between 30 and 50 meters, so the traditional floodlighting will have too much light loss. And our LED football stadium flood light uses high quality Lumiled 5050 chips and lenses to select the desired illumination angle. The direction of the Beam is concentrated to achieve precise illumination of the light and reduce light loss.

football field led lights optional beam angle

10. Warranty

We offer up to 5 years warranty on this luminaire, and we will be at your service whenever there is a problem with the luminaire.

11. Free DIAlux Lighting simulation design

If you are still hesitating about what kind of lighting to choose for your venue, don't worry. We offer free DIAlux analog lighting design, tailored to your football field LED lighting solution based on your size, environment and number of poles!

football field lighting dialux Lighting simulation design


football field led lighting application

In conclusion

Thank you very much for your patience to see here. Our high power LED football court lighting is designed to replace 600W to 4000W metal halides and HPS flood lights. We specialize in the R&D and manufacturing of LED stadium lighting to support the illuminating of large areas. We have achieved very good results in all kinds of Products have been sold to more than 130 countries and regions, if you need to improve your stadium lighting, please contact us. 

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