Best LED Lighting Design For Outdoor Soccer Field

Sep. 08, 2020

Football lighting has indoor soccer field lighting and outdoor soccer field lighting, and the venue will not be the same. The luminaire lighting standards used are determined according to the standards made by the football field.

There are several kinds of classifications, which are used for training or entertainment lighting. The illumination requirement is 200lx, the amateur competition requires illumination of 500lx, the professional competition requires illumination of 750lx, and the competition TV will have an illumination of 1000lx. High-definition TV broadcasts in large international competitions require higher lighting requirements and need to reach 1400lx.

led soccer filed high mast lighting

The lighting design we mainly show here is the use of 720W led high mast lighting for outdoor football training grounds and amateur competition venues. The next football field lighting installation program is also carried out around these two types of venues.

720w led high mast flood luminaires lighting

Football has always been loved by people. Whether it is a professional arena or an amateur leisure field, more and more attention is paid to the related basic lighting construction, which directly affects the effect and safety of the training.

In this football field lighting design, 12 pieces 720W high mast lights were used. We chose the two-sided installation method, which is mounted on four poles, each with four LED high mast lights.

For the football field, this installation method is a relatively simple and practical lighting installation solution, which can fully meet the illumination requirements of the football field.

In this football field design, what is the illumination of the light, please see the picture below

soccer field led lighting

best led lighting design for football field

Football field led illumination rendering

720W led high mast lights work lux

720W led high mast light work effect digital display of lux

In the several pictures shown, the LED high pole lights are clearly displayed in the outdoor football field. The customer has obtained very satisfactory results after replacing the original traditional lamps.

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