What are the issues to pay attention to when using LED lighting in outdoor stadium?

Sep. 09, 2020

The application range of LED lighting is more and more extensive. With the continuous development of technology, the current LED Lights applications are very mature in the stadium. However, outdoor stadium lighting is quite different from indoor stadium lighting, such as waterproof and windproof capabilities, efficiency, and layout of lamps.

There are three main problems.

1. Outdoor stadium lighting spillover problem

Some indoor stadium lighting design will take into account the light reflection ability of the roof.Make full use of the reflected light. In order to make the light more uniform, let the light directly hit the ceiling, and then reflect the light to illuminate the stadium. However, there is no roof outdoor, so this method cannot be implemented. Outdoor stadium lighting is easy to illuminate unwanted areas, creating an external light, which means that if outdoor stadium lighting produces this, it will waste some of the light source. In addition to wasting resources, the spillover is also likely to cause interference from spilled light. If it is exposed to surrounding residential areas, it will also interfere with the normal rest of the residents.

Therefore, outdoor stadium lighting needs to choose lamps that can precisely control the light, such as Lampshining LED lighting fixtures, with a variety of light distribution curves, and the brackets and modules can be rotated freely according to demand, to achieve precise control of light with narrow, medium, wide, etc. A variety of angles are available to increase light utilization and accurately project light into the field, maximizing light usage and lighting efficiency.

Precise stadium LED illumination

2. Arrangement of outdoor stadium lighting poles

The outdoor stadium LED lighting fixtures are mainly installed on the catwalk and on the pole.The installation on the road is mainly in the stadium with the auditorium.The catwalk on the crowd. The rest is basically installed on the pole. The height of the light pole of the basketball court is basically between 8 and 15 meters; the height of the light pole of the volleyball court is basically between 8 and 15 meters;The height of the pole of the stadium is basically between 8 and 15 meters; the height of the pole of the five-a-side football field is basically between 8 and 15 meters; the height of the pole of the seven-a-side football field is basically between 12 and 20 meters; The height of the pole of the football field is basically between 15 and 25 meters; the height of the pole of the track and field is basically between 25 and 35 meters. Obviously, the outdoor stadium lighting poles are not low, so the outdoor stadium lighting fixtures should not be too heavy, it is best to choose lightweight and windproof. Lampshining's LED high mast light with up to 160 LM/W, efficient heat dissipation, finned the structure of the lamp body is light in weight, easy to install, and reduces transportation costs.

led high mast light

3. The demand for outdoor stadium lighting

The stadium lights are installed outdoors, and naturally they will be affected by bad weather, so there are certain requirements for the quality of the lamps. Our LED lighting fixtures are IP65 waterproof and dustproof and can withstand temperatures of -30-50 degrees. Can withstand hurricanes of 51.0-56.0m/s. In addition, we use UL TUV certified power supply, high efficiency, low heat, high constant current accuracy. Unique structure, high efficiency and environmental protection. The plastic shell of the product has stable quality, strong adhesion, no fading, no shedding, acid and alkali resistance, and can resist strong ultraviolet rays.

Waterproof and windproof LED high mast light

Below are feedback pictures of our customers using our LED high mast lights at the football stadium.

case of led high mast light for football stadium

case of led high mast light for football stadium

case of led high mast light for football stadium

If you need to improve your stadium lighting, please contact us, we can provide you with dialux design for free, so that you get the most cost-effective products and effects.

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