What is the LED High Mast Light?

Sep. 08, 2020

What is a high mast light?

High mast lighting is a medium and large-scale lighting fixture. Currently, the high-light source light source commonly used on the market is mostly a floodlight, and 360 degrees has no dead angle illumination range. Due to the wide range of illumination of high mast lights, it is suitable for places that require large area illumination. For example, such as airports, parking lots, park squares, city squares, stations, terminals, freight yards, highways, stadiums, overpasses and other larger outdoor venues. Depending on the site and the number of wattages of the high mast lights, it can be mounted on a high mast of 8-40 meters. Each mast can be fitted with 4 to 16 high mast light products. This type of outdoor lighting is often used in airports, parking lots, park squares, city squares, stations, terminals, freight yards, highways, stadiums, and overpasses. Most of the common high-light lights are high-pressure sodium lights, but the high-pressure sodium lights have a short life span, high maintenance costs, and are very energy-intensive under high-intensity illumination, and require long-term preheating and cooling when turned on. Therefore, replacing the high pressure sodium light with an LED high mast light is the right choice.

led high mast light

1. What are the main advantages of LED high mast lights?

Take our lampshining LED high mast light as an example. The main advantages are as follows:

1. Fin-type heat dissipation design

2. Lightweight design makes installation quicker and more convenient.

3. Optional multiple optical angles for different lighting requirements

4. Under the same brightness, the LED high mast light is more than 5 times more energy efficient than the high pressure sodium high mast light.

5. Heavy-duty stirrup mounting bracket, optional round mounting fitting for 270° rotation

6. The module angle can be adjusted by 15 degrees, and the module has a visual scale for easier adjustment.

7. Standard use Lumileds5050 light beads and Mingwei, Yusheng power supply, warranty for 5 years

8. Light efficiency up to 150-160lm/w, 1440W can replace 3000W high pressure sodium lights

9. The product has passed many certifications, ETL, DLC, TUV-CE, CB, SAA, LCP, IP65, salt spray test

10.50,000 hours of service life, IP65 waterproof rating and salt spray resistant design guarantee years of maintenance-free operation

led high mast lights with rotatable module

Since the LED Lighting is directional, it means that the LED high mast light can be illuminated in a specific range, and the LED light glare is very small, and our high mast light can also be equipped with an anti-glare cap to minimize glare. , thereby increasing the safety and practicality of the lighting venue. The illumination of the HID light is omnidirectional, so other auxiliary devices are needed to achieve the effect of illumination within a certain range, and up to 25% of the light will be lost in the process.

Practical examples of high mast lights can be found at: 480W LED High Mast Light Customer Feedback

There are several common problems with LED high mast lights.

200w-960w led high mast lights

Can the color temperature be customized?

The color temperature can be customized according to the color temperature required in different occasions. The common color temperature is 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K. The color of the light below 4000K

The yellowish warm color, while the 5000-5700K is a high color rendering white light.

About maintenance

In fact, the life of high-pressure sodium lights is less than half that of LED high-bar lights, meaning that lights need to be replaced more frequently. And the light decay of the high pressure sodium light is large.

The LED high mast light has a life of > 50,000 hours, and the color of the light will not change in the later stage, and the light decay is very small. During the lifetime, it is only necessary to keep the lights clean to ensure the effect of the lights.

Can LED high mast lights be used in other venues?

Of course it is ok, our customers use 400W LED High mast lights on outdoor tennis courts to replace their traditional lights.

Lighting for outdoor tennis court design. Click for details.

Preheating and cooling

The high pressure sodium light requires a long period of preheating and cooling before it is turned on, which is very inconvenient to use.

However, LED high mast lights do not require preheating, you’ll enjoy an “instant-on, flicker-free” cold start, and industry-leading 155-160Lm/W.

LED high mast light price

This is a question that everyone is very concerned about. If you are looking for a China LED High Mast Lighting Manufacturers, contact us and you will get a solution.

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