Outdoor football field lighting should choose HPS Light or LED flood light?

Sep. 08, 2020

Football is a highly confrontational group sporting event, a popular sport in the world. The history of football development is sufficient to illustrate vitality and influence. In football matches, LED floodlighting makes the stadium safer and the audience sees it more clearly.

According to different purposes, the football field generally has a 5-a-side football field, a 7-a-side football field, and an 11-a-side football field. There should be no obstacles at least 5m outside the bottom line and sideline of the course. To ensure the safety of athletes.

The stadium lighting is divided into indoor soccer field lighting and outdoor soccer field lighting. The way to install different lights is different. The standard is to determine the standard of lighting according to the function of the football field. Divided into seven levels, training and entertainment activities illumination 200lx, amateur competition 500lx, professional competition 750lx, general TV broadcast 1000lx, Large-scale international competition HDTV broadcast 1400lx, TV emergency 750lx.

football field led flood lighting

What kind of flood lights can be used in the football field lighting?

The football field is wide, and the installation of lights on such a large area of the stadium requires relatively high power and projection distance. According to the specifications of the football field. Halogen lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, and LED lamps are all suitable for use in football field lighting, but if the football field is required to have high illumination, halogen lamps are not suitable. Unless the time of use is shorter each year. In order to meet the needs of future color television broadcasts, it is necessary to increase the level of lighting devices. The high-pressure sodium lamp has a color rendering index of only 20-30, and the luminous efficiency is difficult to reach 100LM/W, so the high-pressure sodium lamp that is very safe in terms of safety and efficiency is also not suitable.

Comprehensive comparison, LED flood lights have high efficiency, high illumination, high color rendering, energy saving, no UV, uniform illumination, etc., is very suitable for football field lighting.

Football stadium lights are generally installed at very high altitudes. The standard 11-a-side football field poles can reach heights of 25-30 meters. This height is the daily maintenance tube of the lamp. It brings a very big test. Therefore, as a football field lighting LED lamps are also superior to other types of lamps in various performance indicators. The stability of the chip, the heat dissipation performance of the case, and the protection index requirements are all high.

What are the factors that affect the lighting of the football field?

In relation to the lighting design, the level of lighting required by the players in the venue is different from that of the audience. For the athletes, the required lighting level is relatively low. The purpose of the audience is to watch the game, and the lighting requirements increase as the number of people increase. Therefore, the quality of the football field lighting is mainly set according to the experience of its users. In turn, there are three categories of athletes and referees, live audiences, and viewers in front of the TV. Therefore, the quality of football field lighting depends on the level of illumination, uniformity of illumination, and degree of glare control.

Below we will show you the lighting simulation of our customers using the 240W LED Flood Light on the football field.

Lampshining 240w led high mast flood luminaire

Our led high mast uses aluminum fins for heat dissipation, which has good heat dissipation performance and light weight, and it is 50% lighter than the weight of the die-cast high mast. There is a big advantage in installing our led high pole lights for aerial work.

240w led high mast flood luminaire for football field lighting design

240w led high mast floodlights lux distribution on football field lighting design

led high mast floodlights lux distribution on football field lighting design

Lampshining LED high Mast flood light can be activated instantly, with uniform brightness, color temperature close to natural light, softer light and 50,000 hours of long life. The lamp body is made of high-quality aluminum profiles, efficient heat dissipation, low carbon energy saving, no stroboscopic The unique advantages of anti-glare, high brightness and light distribution curve meet the needs of various sports venues and provide the best lighting environment for sports venues.

Field installation 240W LED High mast flood light for football field

LED Sports Lighting can play a full role in football field applications. Mainly have the following advantages: 1. Greatly improve management efficiency; 2. Guarantee sports lighting safety; 3. Easily achieve secondary energy saving; 4. Adjustable module angle 270degree. With LED floodlighting, the football field's lighting is more professional, thus meeting the needs of many football fields for lighting!

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