What effect does the power supply have on the LED?

Sep. 26, 2020

Green and healthy life has become the main trend of everyone's pursuit. In many fields, we are showing outstanding green and healthy life, and we will provide you with a green lighting environment in a wider field, so for everyone's lighting project. There will be more hope for development. Rejecting light pollution is the first thing to consider when going lighting!

LED lighting specifically refers to the lighting source and its supporting electrical components and technology, not only to meet the requirements of energy saving, but also to meet the requirements of harmless to human health, does not affect the ecological environment, and does not waste resources, so the lighting project is under construction. In the process, energy conservation and safety are placed in the main position to provide you with quality-assured LED floodlighting lighting tools to provide you with a green lighting environment.

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Among the supporting electrical appliances that affect LED lighting, the most important thing is the power supply. The power supply has a very large influence on the luminaire. The power supply is divided into isolated power supply and non-isolated power supply. What is the difference, what is the difference in LED lights?

The difference between isolation and non-isolation is mainly that the isolation regulator input circuit and the output circuit are not common, and the non-isolated is common ground. In general, non-isolated induct or winding have primary and secondary sides, while isolated only has a single induct or. Use the isolated type when the high power and ground line interference protection requirements are relatively high, and use the non-isolated type in the case of relatively simple and relatively tight volume requirements.

If the linear power supply is a linear adjustment output module (LDO), then the linear module must be non-isolated, so whether the power supply chip is an isolation regulator has nothing to do with the linear power supply and the switching power supply. Both isolated and non-isolated are two large categories of switching power supplies.

The isolated power supply uses a transformer to reduce the voltage to a lower voltage through a transformer and then rectify it into a DC output for power supply. Because the main coil of the transformer is subjected to 220V voltage, the secondary coil only bears the low AC voltage of the output, and the primary and secondary coils are not directly connected, so it is called an isolated power supply.

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First, isolated power

1: The advantage of isolated power supply is: it will not pose a threat to the human body, and the wide voltage is very good.

2: Isolated drive is safe but less efficient.

3: As far as the circuit structure is concerned, the current isolated type scheme is mostly a fly back circuit scheme of AC/DC, so the relative circuit is complicated and the cost is high.

Second, non-isolated power supply

1: Non-isolated is now very mature, the voltage range is slightly worse than the isolation, the voltage range is between 110V-300V, and the isolated power supply can achieve 60-300V

2: Non-isolated drive efficiency is high, and the isolated or non-isolated drive should be selected according to the requirements of actual use.

3: Non-isolated type is basically DC/DC boost (Boost) or buck (Buck) circuit, the relative circuit is relatively simple, so the cost is relatively low.

It seems that in different occasions, the lamps used are not the same as the power supply. It is most important to choose the right ones, and good lamps and power supplies are inseparable from good manufacturers. UFO led high bay lights has different power. There is a choice of isolated and non-isolated power supplies to choose from, which is a good choice for those who want to choose a better LED fixture.

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