How to choose the best LED floodlight for tennis courts?

Sep. 09, 2020

Whether it is competition or entertainment, tennis is a very good sport. Tennis courts are usually located on indoor or outdoor lawns. Whether indoors or outdoors, tennis courts are high-quality lighting. Poor light is prone to accidents, poor safety, and affects the sports experience. Outdoor tennis court lighting is usually installed on poles on both sides, while indoor tennis court lighting can be either ceiling mounted or fitted with floodlights on both sides.

outdoor tennis courts led flood lighting

Prior to the development of LEDs, metal halides were the first choice for indoor and outdoor lighting. Nowadays, with the improvement of the quality of LED products and the energy saving of LED lamps, people are quickly recognized as LEDs. LED floodlights are the best choice for lighting on outdoor or indoor tennis courts. The luminaires are lightweight and equipped with adjustable mounting brackets; high luminous efficiency and efficient use of light, and anti-glare devices provide a comfortable environment for players. Compared with traditional lamps, energy saving can reach 60%-80%.

indoor tennis courts led flood lighting

Tennis court lighting is an important part of tennis court design. It not only meets the requirements of tennis players for competitions and audiences, but also meets the requirements of color temperature, illumination and uniformity of television shooting and television broadcasting.

How to choose high quality tennis LED floodlights?

1. Whether to meet the requirements of tennis court lighting. Such as: anti-glare, color rendering index, color temperature selection, light distribution, etc. meet the requirements of the use of tennis courts;

2. Energy saving, we have always heard that replacing metal halide lamps with LED floodlights can save a lot of energy. Why is it? The lighting of a tennis court depends on the number of lumens obtained, and the ability to save energy depends entirely on the luminous efficiency of the floodlight.

For example, if a tennis court requires 300,000 lumens of illumination and a 100W metal halide has a luminous efficacy of 80 LM/W, then 300,000/8000 = 38 is required, requiring 38 100W metal halides. And our Lampshining 100W LED floodlight has a light efficiency of 160LM/W, then 300000/16000=19, using only 19 LED floodlights can achieve the same illumination as 38 metal halides.

indoor outdoor tennis courts led flood lighting fixtures

The less lamps used, the less the amount invested, and the metal halides require reflectors in order to orient the illumination angle, which results in a loss of 10-20% lumens. In order to achieve the same illumination as the 19 LED floodlights, more than 38pcs metal halides are required. This will result in more energy consumption. And our NEMO LED floodlights are equipped with sensors that automatically turn on and off depending on the environment, so our LED floodlights are 60-80% more energy efficient than metal halides. 100W LED floodlights can replace 200-250W metal halides;

tennis court led flood lighting

3. Lamp and power quality, the lamp uses high quality lamp beads and power supply to ensure the best effect of the lamp's effect and service life;

4. Another reason to replace a traditional lamp with an LED is a longer life. LED floodlights have a service life of more than 50,000 hours and five times that of metal halide lamps. Long-life lamps are always the best choice, because the cost of buying new lights and installing them is high, especially if you are making large-scale replacements. If the light is turned on for 10 hours every day, the LED will run for 13 years. In fact, many customers complain that metal halide lamps are easily extinguished after 4 to 8 months of use. Therefore, switching to LEDs can save a lot of time and money;

5. Waterproofing is an important function of outdoor floodlights. In order to work in rain and snow, the luminaire should have at least IP65 protection;

6. Heat dissipation, the truth is that if the temperature is too high, the LED chip will be damaged. A good floodlight should have an effective heat sink system to transfer heat from the internal structure to the outside. Aluminum is a good conductive material for manufacturing heat dissipation systems. We can choose LED floodlights made of aluminum or related alloys;

Lampshining has been producing LED lighting products since 2010. The development of large LED lighting products has formed a series of product lines in LED floodlights. At the same time, it can give corresponding tennis court lighting solutions. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating high-power LED lighting and intelligent product development, production and sales. Please feel free to contact us if you need it.

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How to choose the best LED floodlight for tennis courts?

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