How to solve the glare caused by LED flood lights?

Sep. 09, 2020

Nowadays, high-power LED floodlights have been used in a wide range. When the light is directly or strongly reflected, it will produce brighter and more dazzling light, which is glare. The effect of glare is very large. On the sports field, if the light emits too much glare, the athlete's position on the ball flying in the air will be blurred, which will affect the athlete's performance. Poor lighting not only affects the athlete's condition, but also causes spectator eye fatigue. It may cause discomfort to the eyes and cause headaches, nausea and other discomfort symptoms. Therefore, it is important to reduce glare caused by lights.

led flood light for sport field

A feature of LED flood lights is that the chip is small and its brightness is relatively high. Gaze directly can be dazzling and hurt your eyes. However, when it is used as a lighting source, the LED flood light is usually suspended at a relatively high position, and people usually do not look directly at the LED flood light. Therefore, there are ways to reduce and control the glare effect caused by lamps.

One thing we have to make clear is that LED flood lights are used to illuminate and glow to illuminate other objects. It is not a decorative light, nor does it require people to look directly at it. Therefore, the light it emits should have uniformity and uniformity, and be controlled within the range that needs to be illuminated. It is also sure to reduce the impact of glare, and there will be glare when there is light. What we can do is reduce glare, for example, to deal with glare and discomfort when people watch near a light at a small angle.

led flood light for sport field

How anti-glare of LED flood light is usually achieved.

1. The light from the light source is reflected by the reflector cup lens, blocking the output light without glare, and the light spot is clean and slender, thereby achieving the anti-glare effect.

2. The light is processed by the soft light of the reflector, so there is no extra stray light, no glare, and the projected light is of high quality.

3. Configure appropriate anti-glare lens and light distribution to greatly reduce the impact of glare.

Perhaps the most obvious way to deal with glare is to control the light source. Take our NEMO Anti-glare LED flood light as an example, the LED flood light is a directional light source, which is very helpful in reducing glare, and our lamps can adjust the angle, so that the light does not directly hit your eyes or reflect to your eyes outer. Reducing the range of glare requires matching the corresponding lens and our product's unique P50 light distribution, which can reduce the impact of glare by 70%. In addition, if there are other special requirements for the venue, we can also configure our anti-glare hood, which is very helpful to reduce glare.

nemo anti-glare led flood light

nemo anti-glare led flood light beam angle

Thank you very much for seeing here. Since Lampshining started production of LED outdoor lighting products (flood lights, high pole lights, stadium lights, etc.) in 2010, it has continuously intensified the development of LED lighting products, and has formed multiple Product line of the series. At the same time, it can give corresponding LED lighting solutions. It is a manufacturer and supplier of high-power LED outdoor lighting, intelligent product research and development, production and sales. If you want to know more about the anti-glare of LED flood light, please contact us.

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How to solve the glare caused by LED flood lights?

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