What basketball court lighting problems should you pay attention to?

Sep. 09, 2020

In addition to meeting the needs of basketball games, the basketball court often has other uses. In addition to considering the key factors such as building space, venue area and function, it is closely related to the lighting of the basketball hall, which can directly affect basketball players and audiences.

basketball court lighting

Therefore, lighting design is an integral part of the basketball court construction process. Scientific and reasonable basketball stadium lighting design can not only ensure the normal development of basketball, but also avoid some security problems. Basketball hall lighting has more factors to consider than ordinary architectural lighting design.

The new outdoor basketball court will encounter the lighting problems of the stadium. For example, what kind of lamps should be purchased? How to arrange lamps? What should the illumination of the light be like?

The lighting of the court has a direct influence on the illumination of the court such as the basketball court. The main lighting method is as follows.

1.THE top layout

Most of the lighting methods are indoor basketball courts. The lamps are arranged above the field. The beam is arranged perpendicular to the plane of the site. The top arrangement should use symmetrical light distribution lamps. It is suitable for the main low space and the horizontal illumination of the ground. A stadium with high uniformity requirements and no TV broadcast requirements, the luminaire should have an anti-glare device.

2.Arranged on both sides

The luminaires are arranged on both sides of the field, and the arrangement of the beams is not perpendicular to the plane of the site. The lamps on both sides should be equipped with asymmetric light distribution lamps, which are arranged on the horse track. It is suitable for stadiums with high vertical illumination requirements and TV broadcast requirements. The angle control is used to reduce glare. When the lamps are installed on both sides, the aiming angle of the lamps should not exceed 65 degrees.

3. Mixed arrangement

The combination of the top layout and the two sides of the arrangement: the hybrid arrangement should use a variety of light distribution forms of lamps, suitable for large comprehensive stadiums. The layout of the luminaires is arranged on the top and on both sides. The luminaires should have the characteristics of instant start, accurate light distribution and anti-glare device.

basketball court led lighting

Most of our main outdoor basketball courts use the way of lighting on both sides.

Because the basketball court is divided into two areas, the sports area and the grandstand, it is necessary to take into account the perspective of the audience when designing the lighting. The total lighting quality and performance goals of the entire basketball court are required to be consistent. Nowadays, most basketball courts are multi-functional and comprehensive, and the lighting design should be able to meet the lighting requirements of other forms of cultural and sports activities, as well as the lighting quality requirements of photographic video.

The uniform illumination of the basketball court is uniform: the lighting layout of the basketball court not only has to reach a certain level of horizontal illumination, but also must be evenly illuminated. Avoid the lighting of the basketball court sports area, showing the effect of light and dark. The lighting of the entire basketball court to achieve full coverage of the light, no shadow effect.

Basketball court lighting design, energy saving, green lighting for the purpose. Identification and selection of professional basketball court lighting fixtures with advanced technical performance and excellent quality. By optimizing lighting design and scientific lighting. Achieve the highest quality and effectiveness of basketball court lighting with minimal stadium lighting investment.

The choice of lighting fixtures is critical, and the power, illumination range, and controllable illumination angle of the fixture directly determine the number and location of the purchased fixtures and poles. At present, professional LED lamps have been widely used in various sports fields, so halogen lamps and high pressure sodium lamps are not recommended.

We recommend our new product - 100W LED Flood light, the power supply uses high-brightness LED Lumiles chip, to achieve stable and steady flow, and the service life can reach 50,000 hours!

stadium led flood light fixtures

The advantage of Polarized illumination angle is anti-glare, which does not shine on the athlete's eyes when playing, which makes the sports experience and training effect better.

If your basketball court needs renovation or lighting design, please contact us, we provide free dailux simulation.

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