How to Instantly Improve Your outdoor tennis court lighting?

Sep. 09, 2020

In recent years, led light is gaining popularity with Various fields. The most common is that LED lighting has replaced the traditional street lighting. And energy saving, less pollution, good safety.

Then LED lighting is also widely used in the field of sports fields, so can LED lighting involve the tennis court?

How to Instantly Improve Your outdoor tennis court lighting?

With the increase of the number of tennis players and the demand for tennis courts, the market prospect of tennis courts is extremely broad.

Tennis is a valuable sport, both a pastime and a means of improving one's health.There are many people in life because of the elegant sport, and as a social platform.

How to Instantly Improve Your outdoor tennis court lighting?

However, in terms of lighting, the lighting effect of some tennis courts is still not good enough and the design is not mature. This is mainly reflected in the single lighting mode, which is not primary or secondary.

Illuminance is not up to mark or exorbitant, lack aesthetic feeling to wait a moment, and it is very bad also in respect of energy-saving emission reduction.

Lighting is a very important link in the tennis court. It should not only meet the lighting requirements of the tennis match, but also reach certain international standards in lighting, color and glare.

For the auditorium and other areas of the lighting requirements can adapt to different environments, to achieve different lighting effects.

A professional tennis player, and professional training, professional outdoor tennis lighting has a lot to do with.So, can today's widely used LED lighting involve outdoor tennis courts and replace the traditional lighting used in outdoor tennis courts?

Outdoor tennis court lighting, both recreational and professional. Outdoor tennis court lighting can not be ignored its importance.If the outdoor tennis court is not well lit, resulting in glare, ghosting, then the accident probability will increase.

How to Instantly Improve Your outdoor tennis court lighting?

So outdoor tennis lighting to be able to save energy. Under the condition of meeting the requirements of outdoor tennis court lighting, the power consumption is small, the proportion of visible light energy is high, and the effective visual light effect is high.

Outdoor tennis court lighting should be clear, strong visual sense. In terms of design requirements, tennis court lighting must have optimized light transmission characteristics. Stadium lighting must be achieved.

A certain value of horizontal illumination must also have a certain value of vertical illumination. Also, the ratio of horizontal illumination to vertical illumination also requires science.

Is there any better LED lighting that can solve the problem of outdoor tennis court lighting?

Lampshining's new product, Outdoor LED tennis court Light, will be launched in 2021 and will address the challenges facing tennis venues today.

led flood light

So the lighting problem meets the characteristics of safety, energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency. And conform to the appearance and design of high-end lamps.

How to Instantly Improve Your outdoor tennis court lighting?

So that's How to granted Improve Your outdoor tennis court lighting? Thanks for reading

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How to Instantly Improve Your outdoor tennis court lighting?

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How to Instantly Improve Your outdoor tennis court lighting?

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