Which LED lighting fixtures can be used in the stadium, what is the price?

Sep. 09, 2020

After years of development, LED lamps have gradually become the mainstream equipment for lighting. LED infiltration rate continues to increase, driving the market to develop at a high speed, and national policies and energy-saving needs are constantly pushing LEDs to replace traditional lighting. It is widely used in outdoor lighting, intelligent lighting, automotive lighting, plant lighting, and sports lighting. There are also many types of LEDs. So which LED lighting fixtures are suitable for outdoor sports venues? What is the price?

stadium led lighting fixtures

Common stadiums include football fields, basketball courts, badminton courts, hockey fields, and football fields. In recent years, the newly built stadiums have basically adopted lighting fixtures that are led sports lighting fixtures. However, more and more old stadium lights have also been replaced with led lighting. This is the affirmation of led sports lighting.

stadium sport field led lighting

When choosing a sports lighting fixture, the first consideration is basically the life of the lamp and the warranty period. The stadium led lighting source has a life of 50,000 hours, LED no filament, no glass bubbles, not afraid of vibration, not easy to break, so many led sports lighting can provide a five-year warranty. The traditional metal halide light source has a service life of between 2,000 and 5,000 hours, and the warranty period is only two years.

Sports lighting, the power is very large, so saving energy is the focus of the stadium operation. Compared with general energy-saving lamps, led sports lighting lamps can save more than 50% energy, and can save more than 70% energy compared with traditional metal halide lamps. For most gymnasiums, electricity costs have always been a difficult cost to control. Implementing LED lighting energy-saving retrofits can reduce expenses in lighting consumption, reduce overall operating costs, increase profits, increase cost advantages and market competitiveness, and achieve sustainable and healthy development.

The safety of the luminaire is the third consideration. The stadium is a densely populated place. The safety is very important. The traditional lamps emit very much heat. After using for a period of time, the surface temperature of the lamps is extremely high, and it is not touchable. It cannot be used in flammable and explosive areas, and the heat of LED lamps. They are quickly dissipated through the radiator, and the surface temperature is low. It can be used in flammable and explosive places with high safety performance.

And our Lampshining's new stadium LED lighting products can solve most of the current lighting problems. So which LED lighting fixtures are suitable for outdoor sports venues? What is the price?

There are four main types of lamps:

1.Dragonfly LED Stadium Light

Dragonfly Series LED stadium lights, high power 240W-1800W, with a variety of light distribution angle, and the module can rotate freely. Mostly used in large stadiums, golf courses, basketball courts, football fields, docks, airports, large square lighting. price: $159-1000

dragonfly led stadium light

2.Slim LED High Mast Light

Ultra Slim series lightweight LED high mast lights, power 100W-1440W, with a variety of light distribution angle, and the module can rotate freely. Mostly used in large sports fields, golf courses, basketball courts, football fields, docks, airports, hockey, football, square lighting.  price: $70-764

slim led high mast light

3.NEMO LED Flood Light

NEMO series lightweight LED floodlights, power 100W-300W, with a variety of light distribution angles, and can be rotated back and forth. Mostly used in small and medium-sized stadiums, tennis courts, basketball courts, football fields, swimming pools, bus stations, etc. Price: $78-138

nemo led flood light

4.Bracket LED Stadium Light

LED stadium floodlights, power 400W-1000W, efficiency 95-105LM/W. For the more common floodlights, it can be installed on the ground or on the pole, suitable for indoor and outdoor stadiums. Price: $391-446

led stadium flood light

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to health, and light pollution has attracted more and more people's attention. LED is a revolutionary fourth-generation lighting source, recognized as a high-tech, environmentally friendly, efficient, energy-saving, healthy green product. The light of led sports lighting is very close to natural light, avoiding blue light hazard, no stroboscopic, no radiation, no ultraviolet light and infrared light, and LED itself has no harmful metal mercury.

In terms of light health, people usually think of stroboscopic, radiation, blue light hazard, ultraviolet light and infrared light, often ignoring the effects of chromatic aberration caused by light. The factors affecting the ability of light to restore color are color temperature and color rendering index. The color temperature mainly affects the feeling that light gives people a warm and cold feeling. The color rendering index determines the size of the color deviation. Too low color rendering index will cause visual color distortion. Too low color rendering index will affect the student's eye color recognition of the object color, so that the object can not present its true color. If this situation continues, it will inevitably lead to discrimination. Decreased and declining ability of color, it is easy to cause serious visual problems such as color blindness and eye diseases.

The large stadium has many functions. In terms of lighting, there are TV broadcast mode, professional game mode, amateur game mode, training and competition mode, auditorium lighting, and emergency lighting. In order to solve these problems, the major venues are equipped with intelligent lighting systems. Led sports lighting can be stepless dimming, fast brightness and dark adjustment, real-time control, multiple self-protection, and can be perfectly combined with intelligent lighting system. The traditional metal halide lamp, the intelligent control system is actually a simple on/off control.

large stadium led lighting

Led sports lighting has so many advantages, depending on the environment and needs, you can choose power, wattage, shape and so on. If you still don't know how to choose and design, contact us, we have professional designers to answer your questions and provide you with free DIAlux design.

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