Stadium lighting requirements and operating costs

Sep. 09, 2020

The modern stadium is often a comprehensive place for multiple applications. In addition to meeting sports competitions, the usual leisure and entertainment is also in this venue.

In the past, traditional lighting in a wonderful sports competition, few people feel the pros and cons of lighting and competition. For example: glare, brightness, uniformity and other factors. This will directly affect the level of players on the field. Therefore, all sports competitions put high demands on the venue lighting. What are the requirements for Stadium Lighting? What is the operating cost of lighting?

stadium led lighting

Light source selection

1. Most of the stadium is played, so the installation height of the lamps is high, and the light source should use metal halide lamps or high-power LED lamps;

2. Indoor stadiums with lower ceilings and smaller indoor gymnasiums should use LED lights and low-power metal halide lamps;

3. The light source should have suitable color temperature, good color rendering, high light efficiency, long life and safety. This aspect is recommended for LED lights, because it does not produce pollutants, and is a cold light source, which is better in terms of safety;

4. Lighting efficiency, should use high efficiency 130-160LM / W lamps;

5.Training and entertainment activities illumination 200lx, amateur competition 500lx, professional competition 750lx, regular TV broadcast 1000lx, large international competition HD 1400lx.

Lamp and accessory requirements

1. The safety performance of the luminaire and its accessories shall comply with the requirements of the corresponding standards;

2. The level of protection against electric shock of the luminaire is in accordance with Class I or II lamps with grounded metal casing;

3. The lighting of the luminaire should be compatible with the installation height, position and lighting requirements of the luminaire. The outdoor stadium should use a narrow beam and a medium beam; the indoor stadium should use a medium beam and a wide beam;

4. The luminaire shall have anti-glare measures, and the luminaire and its accessories shall meet the requirements of the use environment. The luminaire shall have high strength, corrosion resistance and electrical accessories to meet the heat resistance level requirements;

5. For lamps installed in high altitude, products with light weight, small volume and low wind load coefficient should be selected;

6. Lamps and their accessories should have fall protection measures;

7. The luminaire should have waterproof and dustproof IP65 or higher;

What is the operating cost of lighting?

After some understanding of the stadium lighting requirements, we may want to know the operating cost of the lighting after installation, because the stadium is a long-running place. Such as maintenance and power costs. The cost varies depending on the type of lighting equipment, the size of the course, the height of the pole, and the nature of the game.

football field led lighting project

The electricity cost of running costs needs to be calculated, so we will take the lighting solution we designed for our customers as an example. In this football field lighting design, we used 28 720W LED High Mast Light with a total wattage of 20134. The lighting efficiency is up to 155LM/W. It is enough to provide enough illumination for the stadium and the audience. If a metal halide lamp is used, the total power required is 42,000 W or more, and the high lighting efficiency cannot be achieved! Therefore, LED lighting can go to the lighting effect during operation, as well as save a lot of energy costs. So we need 42000W MH to provide the same illumination as 20000WLED.

football field led lighting project design

The average electricity bill in the United States in 2019 was approximately $0.13 kW/hr. If you need to work 8 hours a day, 30 days a month, then the operating cost of LED lighting in the stadium is about 20,000 * 0.13 / 1000 = $ 2.6 / hour. A running fee of $20 is required daily. It will reach $600 a month. If you want to use metal halides to achieve the same illumination, you need 42000 * 0.13 / 1000 = $5.46, which requires $44 per day. It will reach $1310 per month. It can be seen that if you are using a metal halide lamp now, you will save about $710 in electricity costs every month after replacing it with an LED lamp!

As for maintenance costs, it is negligible compared to electricity bills. This is because the solid state of the LED makes it a durable lamp for the football field. The life expectancy is approximately 8 times that of metal halides, HID or HPS lamps. The LED lamp has a life of 50,000 hours. Under the above working conditions, it can operate normally for more than ten years, and the light decay is very small. As a result, installation costs will be higher than metal halide lamps, but you can save on repair and replacement costs and energy costs. Stadiums that are purchased or replaced with LED lights will gradually return to the time of use. This is a stadium that needs to run for a long time to consider!

What is the price of the stadium lights?

In addition to energy costs, many of us may want to know how much the stadium LED lights cost. It depends on the quality and impact of the LED lights. We recommend the price of our three LED stadium lights here.

Dragonfly LED Stadium Light300-1800W(150-160LM/W)$159-995
Transformer LED High Mast Light600-1440W(155-160LM/W)$540-855
Slim LED High Mast Light100-1440W(155-160LM/W)$70-764

If you need more offers, please contact us for the latest offers. We are an experienced LED lighting manufacturer offering cost effective indoor and outdoor LED lights. We have completed a lot of LED lighting projects, if you are interested in our products, please feel free to leave a message to contact us.

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