Why upgrade tennis court lighting to LED flood lighting?

Sep. 09, 2020

Tennis has high requirements for strength and speed. Professional athletes can hit the ball at a speed of more than 200km / h; tennis is small and fast, and it is difficult to judge the drop of the tennis ball when playing at night.

Some old tennis courts have not been refurbished. Many tennis courts are using traditional metal lamps such as metal halide lamps, high-power energy-saving lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps and so on. Not only do they consume more power, but their slow start-up time is one of their shortcomings. It takes 15 minutes to warm up from turning on to 100% brightness. If the lights need to be restarted for some reasons, and the players in the field need to wait 15 minutes in the dark field, this is a very bad experience.

tennis court

Glare is another of their shortcomings. The light is dim, the color is poor, and there is glare, which makes people feel visual fatigue and disturbed. The glare energy of tennis court lamps is generated by human eyes. In the visible spectrum band, the shorter the wavelength of the stadium light, the greater the glare energy and the more serious the glare harm. Impact is exerted and is not safe. Glare hazards have a significant impact on the operation of tennis courts.

With the continuous improvement of LED lighting technology, in the past few years, because of the low power and high efficiency of LED lamps, it has begun to be widely used in various types of stadium lighting. The characteristics of low power, high light efficiency, and anti-glare make the advantages of LED lamps gradually show. Therefore, LED light sources have gradually replaced traditional halogen light sources and become the mainstream choice for tennis court lighting.

tennis court led flood light

Why does tennis court lighting need to be upgraded to LED flood lighting?

Tennis court lighting upgrades will improve athlete safety and training or game efficiency. Why upgrade to LED flood light mainly have these advantages:

1. Improve energy efficiency

LED flood lights are more energy efficient than traditional lighting. This is because LEDs use less energy compared to them. The filaments used in traditional lamps generate heat waste. Wasted heat will also lead to a reduction in their component life, which will incur greater costs in maintenance and replacement of the lamp. LED flood lights have a more efficient fin-type heat dissipation structure system, and the characteristics of timely turning on and off allow energy to be fully utilized. And has a longer life and very low maintenance requirements.

2. Security

LED flood lights will provide greater security for your tennis court. Configuring a motion sensor will ensure maximum brightness when motion is required. And good heat dissipation effect, high lumen, no pollution hazard. Because the installation height of the luminaire is relatively high, our NEMOLED floodlights adopt a lightweight design. Light weight can reduce the load bearing of the pole, which can not only reduce transportation costs, but also increase safety.

3. Tennis court upgrade to LED flood light is more environmentally friendly

LED floodlights require less power, and reducing the amount of electricity used can reduce the amount of carbon emissions generated. Reductions in pollution levels are beneficial to environmental health. Metal halides or halogen lamps can become hazardous when they are discarded because the mercury they contain must be treated specially to avoid environmental pollution. Because the LED flood light has a long life and does not need to be replaced, the product is more environmentally friendly.

4. Effective lighting more

LED floodlights have higher lumen output than metal halides. Under normal circumstances, 100W LED flood light can replace 300W-350W of traditional lamps, and can achieve more powerful light output. The installation height of luminaires in tennis courts is usually more than ten meters, and the requirements for uniformity of contrast are extremely high. LED flood light has a unique light distribution angle, no reflector is needed, and light source is wasted.

5. Small light decay

The product effectively and uniformly projects light onto the surface of the object by using a unique asymmetric light-emitting lens to avoid light loss. LED floodlights can maintain very high light output and still maintain 70% brightness at the end of their life. This is not possible with traditional lamps.

tennis court led flood lighting

Now that you know the benefits of upgrading LED floodlights, what are you waiting for? Please contact us via message. Our practice proves that through our professional tennis court LED lighting solution, the average illumination of outdoor tennis courts can easily reach more than 400LUX, and the energy will save 60-80%, no glare, high color rendering quality LED light source.

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