LED street light retrofit kits features

Sep. 26, 2020

LED street lights retrofit kits features

In the past, we may only know high-pressure sodium lamps, but as LED street lamps develop faster and faster, high-pressure sodium lamps have gradually faded out of our sight. Many people may be curious as to why led street lights will develop so quickly? In fact, this is a big reason. Let's take a look at it:

In fact, led street lights are developing rapidly, and one of the main reasons is because of cost. In the past, the high-pressure sodium lamp used by us had a very high power consumption, almost double the power consumption of LED street lamps, and the service life was only half of that of LED street lamps. The main reason for popularizing street lights now is to reduce the cost of the city.

In addition to cost reasons, there are other reasons why led street lights can replace high-pressure sodium lamps. According to statistical data, the 60W led street light can reach the illumination of 250W high-pressure sodium lamp, and the use power of led street lamp itself is relatively small, which is a very good thing for us.

In addition, high-pressure sodium lamps are actually less environmentally friendly and contain harmful rays. They are a less secure product. The LED street lamps used today are safe and low-voltage products, do not contain harmful rays, and can greatly reduce safety hazards during installation and use.

LED street lights and HPS lights, that's all.

As the times develop more and more rapidly, it will gradually eliminate some products that are not suitable for society, and high-pressure sodium lamps are one of them. The led street lamp is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, has a long service life, is safe and reliable, and is bound to replace the high-pressure sodium lamp. I believe that in the days to come, there will be other products to replace the street lights of led street lights, but the benefits of led street lights are still a lot, what do you say?

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