Which kind of LED lighting is recommended for the outdoor football field?

Sep. 09, 2020

The continuous development of LEDs has led to more and more scenes using LED lighting, such as indoor and outdoor lighting, street lighting, squares, and car lighting. There are so many types of LED lighting, then which LED lighting fixture can be selected in football field lighting to get the best results?

football field led lighting

So what should be paid attention to in the design of football field lighting?

Training and entertainment activities illumination 200lx, amateur competition 500lx, professional competition 750lx, regular TV broadcast 1000lx, large international competition HD 1400lx.

In the lighting design of a football field, the following factors should be considered:

1. Meet the visual requirements of athletes and referees during football matches, and minimize the objective impact of lighting on the game, so that the lights will not affect the progress of the game;

2. Meet the visual requirements of the audience, so that the feeling of discomfort caused by the lighting when watching the game is reduced to a minimum;

3. Meet the lighting requirements of color TV broadcast, and improve the quality of broadcast as much as possible;

4. The installation position of the football field lighting fixtures is generally not allowed directly above the venue;

5. There is an area in the football field where the installation of lamps is not allowed, mainly for the position where the illumination will adversely affect the main line of sight during the game;

6. The installation position and projection angle of the football field lighting fixtures avoid glare to the football players;

football field led lighting

The main technical requirements are as follows:

1. Football field lighting level average illumination and horizontal illumination uniformity

The vertical illumination and uniformity of the camera direction of the football field should meet the requirements of camera and broadcast. The horizontal illumination is the value measured when the illuminance tester is placed horizontally above the football field. in case

It is a normal football club. The average illumination of the football field is 150 lux, and the ratio of the minimum illumination to the average illumination is not less than 0.5. If it is a top football event like the World Cup, the vertical illumination of the main camera should be 2000 lux, the vertical illumination of the auxiliary camera should reach 1400 lux, the ratio of the minimum illumination to the maximum illumination (U1) of the horizontal illumination should be no less than 0.7, and the minimum illumination of the horizontal illumination. The ratio to the average illuminance is not less than 0.8. The uniformity of illuminance is used to measure the visual conditions of the football field.

Uniformity means that the football field should be evenly illuminated, and there should be no areas that are too bright or too dark to provide good visibility for football players, spectators, and referees. For example, for TV broadcast, when the camera captures the panorama of the game area, the illumination cannot be greatly changed, otherwise the camera will be exposed.

2. Football field lighting vertical illumination

Vertical illumination helps capture the momentary movements of the game during the game, especially facial expressions. These camera lenses must cover the entire field during the game, and the vertical illuminance changes too much will result in poor digital video quality. Designers must consider the illuminance balance in all directions to reduce the illuminance imbalance when shooting on the field camera.

3. Football field lighting color temperature

For outdoor stadiums of all competition levels, the color temperature of the football field will affect the adjustment of the white balance of the camera. For the football field of the broadcast level, the requirement is >4000K (general broadcast) or 5500K (high definition broadcast);

4. Football field lighting color rendering index Ra

The color rendering index will affect the broadcast, the degree of color reproduction of the camera. For the football field of the broadcast level, Ra>80 (general broadcast) or Ra>90 (high definition broadcast) is required.

5. Glare and spilled light from football field lighting

The glare of the football field is direct glare. If the luminaire is poor, the light source is very glaring when the sportsman is exercising. The eye is uncomfortable for a long time, which seriously affects the athlete's observation of the movement of the ball. The installation position and projection angle of the football field fixtures sometimes glare the camera. Glare makes people feel uncomfortable and glaring. The overflowing light and glare have a great impact on the local residents and affect the normal life of the residents.

Football field lighting fixtures choose:

There are several factors to consider when choosing football field lighting:

1. LED lamp light distribution

The installation of the lighting of the football field is generally between ten meters and several tens of meters. Up to 35 meters is required, the illumination height is generally proportional to the height of the pole, and the uniformity of the contrast is extremely high. The higher the race level, the higher the uniformity requirement. The projection distance of light reaches several tens of meters, and the beam angle is only a few degrees. Different projection distances require different lamps to illuminate. Often, a stadium needs a variety of light distribution, and it is suitable for distribution in the football field. Narrow light distribution and ultra-narrow light distribution.

2.LED lamp weight

Because the installation height of the lamps is relatively high, the height of the standard 11-a-side football field pole can reach 25-30 meters. Controlling the weight of the football field lighting fixture can reduce the load of the pole, greatly reducing the construction and construction costs. Because LED lamps need to eliminate heat dissipation problems, the heat sinks will be very large, so the weight of the lamps should be limited. Otherwise, safety hazards may occur.

3.LED lamps are waterproof and windproof

For outdoor football stadiums, it is usually installed on a high pole. If the windproof level of the lamps is not enough, the wind resistance will increase, and in the case of stormy weather, there may be potential safety hazards.

In the outdoor sports field, we recommend using our three LED lighting fixtures: 1. NEMO LED Flood Light 2. Slim LED High Mast Light 3. Dragonfly LED Stadium Light

lampshining football field led lighting fixtures

Different luminaire shape design, different light effect chips and power drive will also affect the effect of LED football lights. When selecting watt and luminaires, you need to choose according to the environment and conditions used. If you still don't know how to make a choice, contact us and we will answer you in detail.

Our Lampshining luminaire is a new generation of green lighting system that will reduce the light pollution to the surrounding environment to zero, effectively prevent light loss and glare, and minimize the light that shines outside the venue.

Create a more comfortable competition and watch the football field lighting environment. Lampshining's LED lamps can be activated instantly, with uniform brightness, color temperature close to natural light, softer light and long life of 50,000 hours. The lamp body is made of high quality aerospace aluminum profiles, efficient heat dissipation, low carbon energy saving, no stroboscopic, The unique advantages of anti-glare, high brightness and a variety of light distribution curves, and the rotatable module design meet the needs of all kinds of stadium lighting, providing the best lighting environment for the sports field.

Football is a team sport, strong confrontation, fierce competition, can mobilize our body's enthusiasm, let us fully experience the fun of sports. Therefore, when we choose football venues, we must try to choose a stadium with good lighting effects. Only in this way can our physical and mental health be guaranteed and we can experience the charm of football! If you want to improve your football field lighting, contact us and we have a professional designer to design a free DIALUX simulation for you.

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