Why LED Lighting is suitable for industrial high bay lighting

Sep. 08, 2020

With the continuous development of industry, industrial products are produced in the factory through the labor of workers. The industrial plant, as a base for industrial production, is also continuously developing. Modern production plant, whether it is work equipment or lighting equipment, should be the most suitable choice. Since the factory needs continuous operation during production, the factory's requirements for lighting have increased. How can we meet the needs of industrial lighting.

industrial led high bay lighting

1. Requirements for industrial lighting

Due to different industrial products, the requirements for plant lighting are also different. The workshop needs to work continuously for a long time, so the lighting system is required to be able to work uninterrupted for a long time without causing fatigue to the human eye. If there is a problem with lighting, it will not only reduce work efficiency, but also safety problems. Good industrial lighting is the guarantee of product quality and work efficiency. According to the particularity of the factory building, dustproof, waterproof, good heat dissipation, shockproof, smoke, acid and alkali corrosiveness, and radiation are all factors that need to be considered when selecting lamps.


2.  The characteristics of LED lighting in the plant

The development of LED lighting technology enables industrial lighting to obtain low-energy consumption, high light efficiency, intelligent high-quality lighting. This is very good news for the industrial industry. Industrial lighting uses a lot of electricity. The biggest feature of LED lighting is that it can save a lot of energy. For this reason, the use of LEDs in industrial lighting is increasing. Whether it is a newly built industrial industry or a refurbished one, LED lighting is already the best choice. Another feature of LED lighting is that the return on investment for lighting is short. Generally, the return on investment can be recovered in 1-2 years.

3. Selection of lighting fixtures and selection of light sources

Nowadays, industrial lighting fixtures refer to indoor lighting, such as warehouses, factories, and workshops. UFO LED High Bay Light is usually used. This is the latest LED lighting fixture selection.

industrial ufo led high bay lighting fixtures

UFO LED High Bay Light is usually installed in a wide area where the ceiling height exceeds 20 feet. Used to illuminate large horizontal and vertical spaces, often with high lumen output.

UFO LED High Bay Light is now commonly used where High Bay fixtures are used because they are more efficient. UFO LED high bay lights can have a better light distribution angle, thereby minimizing glare.

The lighting equipment used in the high bay usually has a high lumen output. Our 100W UFO LED High Bay Light in Lampshing can achieve a light output of 16,000 lumens. Because overhead lighting fixtures work at least 12 hours a day, UFO LED High Bay Light can save 60-80% energy compared to traditional fixtures. Therefore, it is of great economic significance to replace traditional overhead lighting with LED lighting. In addition, the most important benefits of UFO LED high bay lights are that they can provide the correct high-quality light source in the area, uniform illumination and high color rendering. These fixtures are usually mounted directly on the ceiling, but can also be mounted on the ceiling by hooks and chains.

Why is UFO LED high bay light better than traditional high bay light?

Because high-bay applications often have very high bay and luminaires illuminate the surface from a high point. If 300W metal halide lamps are used in elevated applications, each lamp produces 13,000 to 16,000 lumens, which may please you. However, these lamps only have a high lumen output at the beginning and can be reduced by almost 50% after one year. The other is that traditional lamps require ballasts, which consume a lot of power.

Now, let's talk about UFO LED high bay lights. In the case of reaching the same illuminance, the LED lamp does not consume a lot of watts to produce a lot of lumens. They have higher quality light sources, and LED lights have two differences from traditional lights. They have a higher CRI. Optional color temperature with ideal 3000-6000K.

LEDs also have an L70 rating, which means they will produce the same light color throughout their lifetime. If you want your LED high bay lights to feel daylight, choose those with a color temperature of 5000K-6000K, because the blue and white light they produce is considered to be closest to daylight.

LED high-bay luminaires can also be used with motion sensors. They automatically turn on the lights if there is movement, and turn them off if there is no movement. These lights can also be paired with occupancy sensors and timers that effectively regulate light output.

The maintenance costs of traditional high-bay lighting fixtures are usually high because many replacement bulbs must be purchased at the same time, and electricians must also be paid for work. In contrast, LEDs have a service life of more than 50,000 hours, so maintenance costs are low. They contain many LED chips to provide better light output and do not use ballasts.

industrial led high bay lighting

In industrial lighting, what situations need to switch to LED lighting?

The main reasons why LEDs replace traditional lamps are:

1. Long service life and low energy consumption.

2. High lumen and high efficiency light output, low maintenance cost.

According to the Ministry of Energy, by 2030, LED lighting will save a huge amount of nearly 15 billion US dollars every year!

By using LED technology, you can significantly reduce your electricity bill. You can save up to 60-80%, which is very amazing data. Then you can see why so many industries are replacing fluorescent and HID lamps with LED lighting.

If you need to spend a lot of money on electricity every month, you can consider using LED lighting to replace the existing lighting. Taking the UFO LED High Bay Light used in the industrial workshop as an example, 100W can replace 200-250W traditional lamps and achieve the same or better illuminance quality. This saves 2-3 times from the power. In addition, UFO LED High Bay Light can achieve intelligent control without the need for preheating. The electricity cost savings will surprise you.

We have 10 years of experience in LED lighting and have installed UFO LED High Bay Light in industrial facilities, warehouses, workshops, factories and other overhead lighting applications, and have won unanimous approval from customers.

All our lighting equipment has obtained multiple authoritative certifications. Contact us and we will help you get all the benefits of LED lighting.

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