(Slim) 720W 60degree LED High Mast Light for 30-meter High Tower Crane - Customer Feedback

The project comes from a construction site in Germany. The customer chose and installed our Slim LED high mast lights. The following figure is the field feedback after replacement.

For illumination of large areas during the construction process of high-rise buildings. The use of traditional lamps consumes a lot of energy and the lighting effect is not good. Therefore, the customer chose the 720W Slim LED High Mast Light and installed it at a height of 30 meters.

LED lighting for tower cranes is widely used. LED high mast lighting and floodlights are usually placed in the decoration process and production of construction sites or high-rise buildings. Of course, the lighting effects of LED high masts on the loading cranes on railway stations, parks and port cranes are also very good.

High Tower Crane lighting

Our LED High Mast Light and flood light are certified and their quality is confirmed by test reports. The warranty period – 5 years.

Project location: Tower cranes

Used lamps: 720W Slim LED High Mast Light

720W Slim LED High Mast Light

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