PIR Sensor LED Flood Light wall light Security Light

This safety floodlight uses the latest LED technology, so energy consumption is extremely low, but super bright and powerful. Light 180° motion sensor, detection range up to 12M. When detecting movement within the range, this light will automatically turn on and illuminate. Very suitable for garages, alleys, sheds, security lighting, wall and area lighting.

LED Flood Light wall Installation Security Light

Settings available on the sensor:

"LUX"-switch to "Sun", the sensor can work in all 24 hours; "MOON", the sensor only works at night.

"Time"-Set the light duration from 5 seconds to 8 minutes.

"SENS"-adjust the sensitivity of the sensor to motion.

PIR Sensor

We have equipped it with a rotatable sensor to ensure that the light can work normally whether it is seated or wall-mounted. Not only that, if someone tries to approach your house, this motion sensor searchlight can also serve as a notification that someone is approaching. This simple lighting solution is a good way to increase safety and convenience.

LED Flood Light wall Installation Security Light

More information, please click LED Flood Light. (Lampshining LED Flood Light has been upgraded, and the style has changed.)

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