How to ensure the stability of LED street light brightness?

Sep. 26, 2020

How to ensure the stability of LED street light brightness

With the increasing shortage of global energy, the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection has become popular. And because LED street lights meet the concept of energy saving and environmental protection,

Therefore, road lights with high-pressure sodium lights as street lights have been replaced in the world. LED technology is a technology developed in recent years.

Many people are worried that this technology is not mature, which will lead to unstable LED street lights and poor lighting effects.

In fact, as long as you pay more attention to these points, you can avoid buying LED street lights that are not effective.

Nowadays, LED technology is very mature. As long as we pay attention to the following three components when purchasing, we can ensure the stability of LED street light brightness.

How to ensure the stability of LED street light brightness?

1.LED light bead chip

The LED light bead chip is a component that directly reflects the brightness effect. If the quality of the LED light bead chip is not good, not only will the brightness effect be poor,

It also affects the stability of the brightness of LED street lights. Therefore, the LED light bead chip of the LED street light basically selects the light of the big brand to ensure the effect.

And those LED lights with poor quality will directly reduce the effect of LED street lights, because brand manufacturers pay attention to word of mouth, pay attention to service, and the production process is better.

Therefore, the LED light of the LED street light purchased in terms of quality and quality is better, this should be very careful.

2.LED street light drive power supply

The power level of the LED street light should be reasonably matched with the power of the LED light source. If their power matching is unreasonable, the lighting will be unstable.

And we must also ensure the quality of LED street light power, try to choose the power supply produced by the big brand, and the power supply can directly affect the life of the LED street light.

3. Radiator

Because the LED chip generates a large amount of heat, the LED street light head must be used with a heat sink.

LED street light radiators are an important factor affecting the brightness stability. Therefore, when selecting LED street lights, we must pay great attention to heat dissipation efficiency.

If the heat dissipation effect is good, more heat is emitted at the same time, so that the brightness of the LED street light is more stable.

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