Difference between led high bay lights and ordinary high bay lights

Sep. 26, 2020

LED High Bay Lights and lanterns are generally suitable for large areas, working face vertical or nearly vertical workplace. For the tall factory building and that kind of need to have tall machine tools to be able to separate lighting places, you can use prism glass, mirror glass and polished aluminum and other light control properties of strong material made of reflector, so as to obtain the distribution of narrow beam.

Ordinary High Bay Lights, such as metal halide bulbs, emit more heat, and LED High Bay Lights have lower heat, in the case of consumption of the same power, LED High Bay Lights have higher brightness, more energy saving. Average life of average High Bay Lights is in two years or so, every two years need to replace cast light lamp. The life of this LED mining lamp is much longer than that of ordinary mining lamps, and it does not need maintenance under normal circumstances. Ordinary High Bay Lights are equipped with inductive ballast, so they have a large weight and a low power factor. LED High Bay Lights are driven by capacitor voltage reduction or constant current source and have a high power factor. Compared with LED High Bay Lights, traditional high-pressure mercury lamps have disadvantages such as slow start-up, stroboflash, high power consumption and noise, while metal halite lamps have disadvantages such as short life, stroboflash, glare and large power fluctuation with voltage. Relatively speaking, LED High Bay Lights have been significantly better than the traditional ordinary High Bay Lights. The advantages of LED working condition lamps are low power consumption, high brightness, low heat output, no stroboflash, high brightness, long life, and good reliability.

LED High Bay Lights, which belong to electronic products, are increasingly applied in industrial and other places. In the process of using the need to fix to the specified location, which involves an installation problem, so what should be noted during the installation process. Let small make up to explain next.

1. Before installation, the integrity of LED High Bay Lights and complete accessories must be checked.

Two, installation must require that the installation personnel hold a professional electrician certificate.

3. The connection line of LED lamps can be fixed from the borehole, and the connection line behind the lamps can be fixed with wire clip, to ensure the fixation is firm.

Four, want to make sure the power cord of lamps and lanterns has enough length, do not suffer tension or tangential force.

5. Distance between products and flammable materials shall be ensured.

In short, after the installation is completed, it is necessary to conduct electrified test. If some lamps fail to light up, it is necessary to check the circuit or lamp fixture problems. After ensuring that all lamps are normally lit up, the installation of LED High Bay Lights is completed.

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Difference between led high bay lights and ordinary high bay lights

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