LED street light source can not be ignored problem

Sep. 26, 2020

LED street light source can not be ignored problem

In the near future, the city of Mangaluru, India, decided to start the construction of “smart city” and will soon replace the existing street lights with LED street lights. In recent years, plans to adopt LEDs around India have continued to accelerate.

According to them, the Indian government hopes to replace the current incandescent-based low-efficiency street lights with high-efficiency LED street lights in 2019, achieving energy-saving targets of more than 100 million kilowatts per hour.

LED street lights are leading in terms of energy saving and environmental protection. However, LED street lights need to consider what issues when choosing. How many LED street lights on the market can choose better LED street lights?

More and more roads are advocating the replacement of traditional incandescent and high-pressure sodium lamps with LED street lighting. However, the weather in summer is hot year by year, and LED street lights always face the test of high temperature heat dissipation. What if the LED street light source does not heat well?

LED street light source can not be ignored problem

There are mainly the following points, please note.

1, reduced life

For LED street lights, heat dissipation is very important. If the heat is not good, it will have a series of adverse effects on the use of street lights.

For example, an LED light source converts electrical energy into a light source, but not all electrical energy can be converted into a light source, which is subject to a conservation law. If it is extra power, it may be converted into heat.

If the LED heat dissipation structure is not designed properly, it will not be able to quickly remove excess heat, which will cause a large amount of heat to the LED street light, resulting in a shortened life of the LED street light.

2, material quality is reduced

If the LED street light source is overheated and cannot remove the heat, the heat will accumulate around the material. Over time, these materials will be repeatedly oxidized by high temperature, resulting in a decline in the quality of the LED light source.

3, electronic device failure

The temperature of the LED street light source gradually rises, the greater the resistance will be, the more current will be generated, so that more and more heat will be generated. As a result, the LED light source will be overheated and then cause The electronic components are damaged, resulting in malfunction of the LED street light.

4, the deformation of the lamp material

In fact, we will encounter many such things in our lives. For example, when an item encounters too hot temperature, it will appear slightly deformed, and the LED street light source is the same.

There are many materials composed of LED light sources. When the temperature rises, the size of thermal expansion and contraction of each part will be different, so it is possible to cause the spacing between the two original parts to be too small, and then squeeze each other to cause deformation and damage.

LED street light source can not be ignored problem

The above is the result of the poor heat dissipation of the LED street light. However, the cooling of the LED street light is also related to the LED power supply, for example, What are the conditions for the high-quality power supply of LED street lights?

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