Seven reasons tell you why you choose LED as industrial lighting!

Sep. 08, 2020

LED lighting has become a hot product in the lighting market, as is the case in various industrial sectors.

Long service life, low energy consumption and low maintenance costs. . . According to the US Department of Energy, by 2030, LED lighting can save an equivalent of $15 billion a year. And more importantly now, with the stability of LED lighting technology, the price of LED lamps began to decline, so that more and more regions began to consider upgrading to LED lighting.

led lighting

Next, I will tell you seven reasons why you should choose LED lighting fixtures as industrial lighting!


1.Energy efficiency

Compared with traditional incandescent, fluorescent and halogen lighting, LEDs use about 60-70% less power, saving a lot of energy costs. In long-term lighting applications, the cost savings will be a very large value. In addition, LEDs can emit light in a particular direction, while conventional light bulbs illuminate in all directions.

The ability of LEDs to illuminate light reduces the waste of light and energy, thus saving costs.

2.Long life

Unlike incandescent lighting, LEDs don't burn out, over time,

The LED will be darker and darker, but will be 70% of the initial light output. A good LED has a rated life of more than 50,000 hours, depending on the lamp and the fixture. Since the LED system can reduce the cost of replacing the bulb, the overall maintenance cost is reduced.

3. Durable

The durability of the LED system helps to further reduce maintenance costs. Without filaments or glass, LED luminaires are resistant to breakage and can withstand vibration and other collisions to a large extent, which means they are perfectly suited for industrial environments.

4. Instant turn on function

Many fluorescent and high-pressure gas discharge lamps do not provide full brightness immediately, and typically take approximately 2-3 minutes to reach maximum output. In contrast, the LED system can immediately emit 100% brightness without waiting for time. For industrial applications, it is important to have a power outage or early morning hours.

5. Fast cycle

The more traditional light source switching times, the shorter the service life. If you want to consider including intelligent control in the building, then choose LED lighting.

6. Intelligent

LED luminaires can be equipped with sensors that allow the luminaires to reduce energy consumption as the environment changes, saving energy costs.

7. Almost no infrared or ultraviolet radiation

In practice, less than 10% of the power used by incandescent lamps is converted to visible light.

Most of the power is converted to infrared or radiant heat. Excessive heat and ultraviolet radiation

It can cause injury to people and materials, and can cause danger if it is in an industrial environment that may contain hazardous chemicals or precision machinery.

outdoor led lighting

The LED system emits almost no infrared or ultraviolet light. The rapid development of LED lighting technology has reduced costs and improved the reliability of LEDs. Therefore LED lighting is very suitable for industrial lighting!

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