What Should Be Paid Attention To In Rural Roadway Lighting?

Sep. 08, 2020

In recent years, urbanization has developed rapidly, and the requirements for road construction have gradually increased. The outdoor lighting industry has grown at an annual rate of more than 40%. LED lights are the fourth generation of light sources. With its unique advantages, LED lights have begun to occupy a large number of markets. LED street lights have become the best choice in urban and rural road lighting. In the future, more LED companies will devote themselves to the development of LED street lights, which will also intensify competition among enterprises. LED road lights energy-saving features, governments have begun to pay attention to energy consumption, so the installation or replacement of LED lights is a future trend, the policy naturally began to install LED street lights, LED street lights as energy-saving products will be more and more applied to the road In the lighting.

roadway led lighting

In the dark, streetlights reduce the risk to all road users. Street lighting is very necessary for security reasons. Danger will always lurk in the dark. Road lighting provides security for the area. It artificially extends the lighting time to improve the quality of life so that humans can live even in the dark. When the sun goes down, there are street lights throughout the night, because the night is dark. LED road lighting brings benefits to drivers, riders and pedestrians. In the middle of the night, a street without lights would be dangerous.

Dark road

In the past two years, the rural areas have also vigorously promoted the construction of road lighting projects. In essence, this is a very good project, which can light up the nights in rural areas and provide illumination for people's evening trips. Reduce theft in rural areas. Let the rural night shine like a city. However, after installing solar street lights in some areas, the results are not satisfactory. What is the reason?

1.Some solar lights are of average quality and the lighting effect is worrying.

Street lamps installed in rural areas are now mostly solar lights. Because it is more environmentally friendly, it can also reduce expenses. However, during the procurement and installation process, there may be some problems, and the quality of the solar lamps is not particularly good. There was no problem at the beginning of the installation and it worked fine, but after a while, the solar light could only provide a few hours of illumination, and by 10:00 to 12:00, the light was very dim. In continuous rainy weather, there is almost no electricity at night, and the road is very dim. Main disadvantages 1. It is inconvenient to rain, and may not be charged. 2. The investment is larger, and the solar street lamp is much more expensive than the ordinary street lamp. 3. The life of solar street lights is shorter than that of ordinary street lights, which will result in higher maintenance costs.

2.The street lamp planning and design is unreasonable, not completely covered

The planning of rural street lamp installation routes is unreasonable. In some gathering villages, street lamps can basically cover. In some mountainous rural areas or rural areas built along rivers, because of the scattered distribution, street lights are often only erected in several major crossings, resulting in many remote roads that cannot cover street lights. Therefore, in rural areas, there are often dark roads that are not conducive to walking at night.

3.The rural street lamp repair service can not keep up, it can not be repaired.

After the rural street lights are installed, they are of course very popular for a period of time. However, after a long time, in the event of a malfunction, there is a need for maintenance. Due to the remoteness of the area, maintenance is more difficult and troublesome. The maintenance is very slow, maybe a street light is broken, and no one is repaired for a month or even months. But overall, installing street lights is a project that is good for people's lives.

Therefore, we recommend the use of LED street lights. Compared with high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps, the biggest advantage of LED lamps is that they save a lot of energy, and the lifespan is several times that of traditional lamps. It saves a lot of manpower in maintenance.

The main recommended advantages are the following:

1. First, compared to other types of lights, LED street lights can be infinitely close to copying daylight. This is no small gospel for drivers driving along highways and highways, they there is no choice but to drive only one night. LED street lights illuminate the highway, which benefits the driver and reduces the accident rate.

2. LED lights consume very little power. After installation, you will definitely be able to feel the energy savings from using LED street lights for a certain period of time, and the electricity bill will be greatly reduced. Due to the high efficiency of LED lamps, they are used in large quantities. In the long run, LED lights are undoubtedly an investment in reducing operating costs.

3. LED lights are extremely durable and impact resistant. LED street lights must be strong enough to withstand all kinds of bad weather conditions, dust storms and blizzards. Extreme windy weather can cause heavy objects to be thrown with the air, often damaging normal street lights and lighting. This is related to the design of LED products.

4. Compared to any other form of light source, LED lights can work easily even in extremely cold weather conditions.

5. LED lights can last a long time and last up to 50,000 hours. Therefore, any money you spend on LED lights can be compensated over time, because you don't have to change street lights every year as you have in the past!

6. LED lights are safe to use and do not even damage the environment in any way. LED lights do not emit any harmful UV rays. Ultraviolet radiation is very harmful to the skin and eyes. Most of the UV radiation is absorbed by the eyes, which can damage the eyes in some way. They may even cause skin cancer in some people. The LED lamp contains no mercury. Mercury in lighting can easily lead to mercury poisoning. The safety of LED lights is one of the reasons for using it.

7. LED lights require little maintenance, which is a very good feature for areas that are not conducive to maintenance.

8. Unlike all other types of light sources, LED lights can reach full brightness instantly, even if they flash for a second or two.

roadway led lighting

Whether it is a town or a rural road, LED street lights will be the best choice for road lighting projects. The future will be used more and more widely. Here we recommend our three LED street lights from Lampshining, which have been applied to various countries and regions and have been unanimously affirmed by customers.

Mars LED Road Light40-200W(130-145LM/W)
ENEC DLC TUV CE CB SAA RoHS IK08 IP66 test Flame Retardan Salt Spray test, LSTMT, LM79, LM80, TM21
Venus LED Road Light50-240W(140-150LM/W)

ENEC TUV CE CB SAA RoHS IK10 IP67 test Flame Retardan Salt Spray test LSTMT LM79 LM80 TM21

Pluto LED Road Light40-150W(130-150LM/W)

ETL DLC ENEC TUV CE CB SAA RoHS IP66 test Flame Retardan Salt Spray test LSTMT LM79 LM80 TM21

lampshining led roadway lighting fixtures

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