How to choose LED lights suitable for swimming pool lighting

Sep. 09, 2020

With the development of the swimming sport, when people are swimming in the pool, the equipment requirements for the swimming pool are getting higher and higher. Good venues, equipment, and lighting can bring great pleasure to swimmers. However, the most important and most difficult thing to deal with is the light.

swimming pool led pole light

For the unique lighting problems of the swimming pool,

For swimming competitions and swimming sports, professional swimming pool lighting is indispensable, and for swimming pool lighting source selection,

The following factors to consider include:

1. The luminous efficiency of swimming lighting;

2. The light output of each swimming light;

3. Utilization rate and swimming lights accepted on the field;

4, the color temperature and color rendering of the swimming pool light source;

5, swimming pool lights start and restart features;

6. The time when the swimming pool lights are used each year;

7. The initial investment and operating cost of the swimming pool lights.

Metal halide lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, and LED flood lamps are suitable for swimming field lighting, but metal halide lamps are not suitable if the illumination of the swimming pool requires high illumination, unless the time of use is short. If possible, the level of lighting can be increased to meet the needs of future color TV broadcasts. The color rendering index of high pressure sodium lamps is only 20-30, and the light efficiency is difficult to reach 100LM/W, so it is not suitable for color TV broadcasting. Only the high color rendering of LED flood lighting fixtures meets the requirements of TV broadcast requirements.

outdoor swimming pool led pole light

Compared with commercial lighting and home lighting, the special features of LED swimming pool flood lighting are: on the one hand, in order to protect the audience to watch the game, the TV station broadcasts and other functions, swimming lighting should ensure sufficient illumination; on the other hand, in terms of professionalism and The sensory experience requires a very high swimming field. The lighting needs to be glare-free, uniform in brightness, and effective in controlling light, thus ensuring that swimmers can complete the game tasks normally.

outdoor swimming pool led pole flood lighting

What we are introducing is our new product, NEMO series 100-300w LED Flood Light, IP67 waterproof makes it more excellent performance in the swimming pool. It has a long life of 5 years, high color rendering, high efficiency, and features the ability to start and shut down in time, saving energy and pollution. Ideal for pole lighting in swimming pools. In terms of safety, we have passed TL, DLC, ENEC, TUV, CE, RoHS, CB, SAA certification, 5 year warranty.

outdoor swimming pool led pole flood light fixtures

Protecting the environment, saving energy and reducing emissions are the goals that the world is pursuing. The advantages of LED lighting in swimming pools are further highlighted. The use of LED lighting in the swimming pool is the best choice.

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