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Sep. 09, 2020

basketball court led lighting

In 2020, we have developed advanced LED lighting systems for basketball courts. It can provide 200 to 1000 lux (brightness) for commercial and entertainment basketball games.

LED is the best lighting substitute to replace traditional lamp (metal halide, halogen, HPS, mercury vapor and fluorescent lamp). Traditional sports venues usually use 400W-2000W lights. In addition to the initial price, it is also very durable and consumes a lot of power. Short life and high maintenance cost. And to achieve the same illumination LED basketball court lights only need 200-800W can be achieved. In addition, its service life is several times that of traditional lighting.

Lampshining LED floodlight basketball court lighting has been professionally tested for light distribution to ensure uniform and adequate lighting on the court. Our LED lamps meet the L70 rated service life of 50,000 hours and can be customized to suit your project's lighting needs.

led lighting design and application for outdoor basketball court

Basketball Court Lighting Design

1. High lumen requirements

The height of the basketball court is high, and lighting requires more lumens. Selecting low-power high-lumen LED lamps can save a lot of electricity.

2. Accurate light distribution and various light distribution

Basketball court lighting must not only meet the requirements of lighting and uniformity on the horizontal plane, but also meet the requirements of lighting and uniformity on the vertical plane to avoid visual glare on the scene.

3. Anti-glare and anti-overflow structure

Anti-glare is the focus of basketball court lighting. Professional light distribution design and structural design of lamps need to be able to meet anti-glare standards.

4. Good color rendering

Color rendering is a measure of color reproducibility. The higher the color rendering index, the higher the color reproducibility and the more comfortable the light. The color rendering index of basketball court lighting for entertainment games should not be less than 70.

5. Security level

In basketball games, safety is the most important for athletes and spectators. 10KV surge protection devices and IP66 waterproof and windproof features are all required for lamps.

basketball court led lighting application

Why use LED basketball court lights?

1.Long life

LED lights can last a long time. Compared to traditional bulbs, this helps reduce maintenance and operating costs. You don't need to change lamps frequently. The service life of LED lamps exceeds 50,000 hours. And the brightness of the LED light will not decrease. Therefore, when you install the LED lights, you will not have to spend money or time for maintenance.

2.Better heat dissipation

If the heat dissipation is not good, the internal temperature will damage the lamp, and eventually you will have to replace the lamp. With LED lights, you don't have to worry about heat accumulation. The high-quality cast aluminum housing of the LED lamp can prevent the lamp temperature from being too high, and can collect the heat generated inside the lamp to ensure a longer service life.

3.Lighting uniformity

In addition to brightness, we can also view the uniformity of lighting. In sports, uniform lighting will greatly increase the sports experience and safety.

We provide our customers with free DIALux designs to accurately predict the lighting effect, and you will see that there are quite large and even color areas.

lighting dialux design

4.Photometric analysis

Our lighting experts can use advanced photometric software and provide free help to all customers to understand the prediction effect of basketball court lights.

5.Replace low-power high-power traditional lamps

Choosing LED lights can easily replace existing bulbs. If you are using traditional lamps, such as 1000WHPS/HID, then LEDs only need to use 400-500W to be a perfect replacement. Therefore, the energy of LED lights.

In order to get better help in your basketball court lighting project or need more information, please feel free to contact lampshining.

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