How do I choose race track lighting?

Sep. 09, 2020

Why is good race track lighting so important?

By providing bright and even lighting for the track, it helps to improve the safety of racers and the spectator's viewing.The speed of the car is very fast. Every one of us has seen it in reality or in a movie. When driving at high speed, although there are professional drivers, there are still accidents on the track.Possible. And high-quality tace track lighting can greatly reduce the possibility of accidents. This will make the overall experience for everyone more enjoyable.

race track led lighting

How to choose good tace track lighting?

Nowadays, LED lighting has higher efficiency and longer life, more uniform light and low energy consumption.Therefore, contractors are very willing to replace traditional HPS, metal halide, mercury vapor and halogen floodlights with LED lights.Why are LED lights more suitable for race track lighting? Here are some important reasons.


Unlike ordinary competitions, the speed of the car is very fast and requires more attention to deal with the possible appearance on the tace track.Emergency. Usually the minimum requirement for tace track lighting is 700-1000 lux. For traditional lighting fixtures to achieve this level of illumination, each fixture needs to reach at least 2000W.

Our LED lamps have an ultra-high efficiency of 170LM / W. Each lamp only needs to reach 800W, which will save more electricity costs.

led race track lighting application


CRI can ensure a more realistic view of the color of the object. The highest CRI is 100, and the degree of color discrimination is equivalent to daylight.When the CRI of light is less than 60, the color will become unreal. Then neither the driver nor the audience will be bored.According to needs and lighting requirements, we can provide LED lighting fixtures with CRI> 90 up to Lamprining, which is very important for the racing track.

3. Flashes and glare

Obviously, traditional lamps are more prone to this kind of problem, causing the video to be accompanied by strobe, and causing the audience to receive glare. At this point, LED lighting has an absolute advantage.

led race track lighting

4. Uniformity

For racing lighting, the uniformity of lighting is very important, which will affect the judgment of the driver on the current road, and our LED lights can provide 0.7-0.8 uniformity of lighting.

5. Long life

While ensuring the effect, a longer life can reduce the frequency of replacement lamps, thereby saving a lot of costs. Our lamps have a 5-year warranty and 50,000 hours of life.

If you need to know more about your racing lighting, you can contact us, we have a professional team to provide you with free lighting design.

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