How to choose the right lighting for the handball court?

Sep. 09, 2020

Handball is a very attractive and fitness-friendly sport. It is especially popular in Europe. Handball combines the characteristics of basketball and indoor football. It has the characteristics of fast speed, intense competition, strong maneuverability and strong impact. Not only do athletes have good physical strength, technical ability and teamwork spirit, but they also require high levels of lighting. Therefore, it is expanding on a global scale. Whether it is a new or refurbished handball, lighting is crucial. The LED lighting in 2019 is very mature. We have high-quality LED Stadium flood lighting and Hanging Pendant Light suitable for indoor and outdoor handball courts. If you are building or renovating your handball court, replacing it with LED lighting is a great option. They save 60-80% energy consumption compared to traditional high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps. And have higher quality lighting and longevity.

handball court led lighting

What are the requirements for handball lighting?

1. The lights on the handball field should be bright enough to make the ball clearly visible. There must be enough light above it. Avoid glare to the athletes when throwing the ball high.

2. The handball pitch should avoid glare to the athletes, especially in the corner area where the goalkeeper should not suffer direct glare from floodlights.

3. Illumination standard:

Training and entertainment300lux;
Amateur competition, professional training500lux;
Professional competition750lux;
TV broadcast professional competition1000lux;
HDTV broadcast international competition2000lux;

4. Color temperature, the general color temperature requirement is 4000K-6000K. But usually most venues use 5000K to 6500K for optimal lighting. It will not choose the yellow light of 2000-3000K.

5. High color rendering, color rendering should be >80. Whether in entertainment or professional competitions, high color rendering can present a more realistic vision, making athletes safer and more enjoyable.

6. No flicker, in the handball lighting design, we should ensure that the lighting of the slow court camera does not flash. Otherwise it will affect the play and experience of the audience and players.

Lamp installation method

Large handball luminaires should be installed in strips on both sides of the arena and extend beyond the ends of the arena. The installation height should not be less than 12 meters.

Smaller venues, such as the handball gymnasium, can be fitted with luminaires on the ceiling frame, paying attention only to illuminance and angle. It should be noted that there are lux requirements for TV broadcasts.

handball field led lighting

LED Light Fixtures Selection

Whether your handball pitch is indoors or outdoors, we recommend LED lighting. Our LED high mast lights can be used outdoors. Our LED high pole lamps have an efficiency of 155-160LM/W and are IP66 waterproof, high color rendering, and optional color temperature and light weight.

If you are in the indoor handball hall, you can use our Hanging Pendant UFO LED High Bay Light, which also has high efficiency of 155-160LM/W, and has inductive sensors for intelligent lighting, which can save you a lot every month. Energy consumption.

Both lamps have a 50,000-hour life and a five-year warranty, no flicker, and good heat dissipation. This is very advantageous for the handball court.

Handball is an ongoing sport that moves in a compelling way. At night, there is a good lighting environment that allows people to still play a game with pleasure.

handball court led lighting

We offer free lighting design for the handball court. Lampshining not only provides free professional metering design, scientific optical design, accurate light distribution, improved light utilization, and no flicker. You only need to provide information about the venue, we can meet different lighting requirements according to the needs. If you are interested in any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us for free lighting advice and design.

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