Best Athletics Field LED Lighting - Runway Lighting Requirements

Sep. 09, 2020

We provide high quality athletic field lighting. Having a good outdoor lighting design on a track and field is crucial because it ensures that the brightness and uniformity meet the owner's requirements. Today, replacing traditional luminaires with professional LED sports lights is great because it saves a lot of energy and has many advantages.

Running is characterized by low difficulty and is suitable for most of us. To ensure safe movement after work or at night, lighting plays a key role. With the new and renovated sports fields in various places, lighting systems as important facilities of sports fields need attention. Track and field stadium lighting is a highly functional, highly technical and difficult design. Whether it is entertainment, fitness, training, competitions, televised competitions, sports field lighting design can not be ignored.

Track and Field led Lighting

Track and Field Lighting Standard

There are two types of track and field stadiums: standard track and field and non-standard track and field, which are mainly used for track and field sports teaching, training, mass sports activities, and organization of competitions. The track and field stadium is also provided with a circular track consisting of two curves and two straights, and various field competition areas.

The lighting area of the track and field can be divided into: the main venue lighting, the general venue lighting, and the supporting function area lighting;

According to functional requirements, it can be divided into: venue lighting, general lighting, auditorium lighting, emergency lighting

Ming, building facade lighting and road lighting systems;

According to the competition items and level standards, it can be divided into: lighting during the competition, lighting during training, live TV lighting, and usual lighting. At the same time, in these different occasion classifications, the standard illuminance values of the lighting involved, the use functions and control methods are also different.

Here we mainly focus on the lighting conditions of ordinary training and large competition training. According to whether there is a TV relay demand, it is divided into ordinary track and field and TV track and field. A track and field stadium with a TV broadcast usually has a large audience capacity and a high building level, and usually holds international competitions or countries

The lighting of the first level competition field is at least 1500 Lux. Therefore, sports lighting must not only consider horizontal illumination, but also measure its vertical illumination and its uniformity.

Track and Field led Lighting

If the track and field are only used for amateur entertainment, training, and do not need television broadcasting, the requirements for light sources will be correspondingly lower, the color rendering index requires Ra value greater than 65, and the glare index requirement is less than 35. If HDTV television broadcasting is needed, in order to ensure the vivid and clear picture of the relayed image and vivid colors, the vertical illuminance, uniformity and three-dimensional illuminance, color temperature and color rendering of the light source are indicated the standard has specific requirements. The two levels of track and field lighting require television broadcasting. In order to ensure the vivid color of the television broadcast and the atmosphere of the scene, the color rendering index needs to be greater than 90, the glare index is required to be less than 30, and the color temperature is required to be about 5500K. . If the glare value is too high, it will have glare effects at different positions in the stadium. Not only do athletes feel dazzling and cause interference, but audiences also feel dazzling and dizzy. The characteristics of the LED sports lighting are to ensure that the audience can watch the game, the TV station broadcasts the game, and other functions. The lighting must ensure sufficient illumination; the lighting must be non-dazzling, uniform in brightness, and effectively control the spillover light to ensure track and field athletes. Able to complete game tasks normally.

Standard track and field lighting requirements:

In the standard track and field, it consists of three parts: the outfield, the midfield and the infield. The runway is the boundary and the runway is the midfield. Generally, there are 9-10 runways, each of which is 1.22 to 1.25 meters wide. The space inside the runway is the infield, including the midfield, for field or football matches.

1.The light source of track and field lighting is LED lighting;

2. Luminaires should be flood-lit, preferably integrated lamps;

3. The light source power is 400W-1000W according to the height of the lamp, the density of the lamp and the lighting requirements.

4. According to different competition levels, the lights can be controlled in groups;

5. The distance between the lamps is larger, which can reduce the glare appropriately;

The lighting design of track and field is characterized by a large space of light irradiation, long distance, and high illumination technology requirements, so the field lighting generally uses high-efficiency, long-life professional light distribution lamps. Considering the characteristics of the track and field and the characteristics of the track and field, the lamps and lanterns should be reasonably arranged to obtain a better lighting level and avoid adverse effects on track and field athletes and TV broadcasting.

Track and field lighting fixture selection

Track and field LED lights usually need to meet the following conditions: high light efficiency, good heat dissipation, high color rendering index, anti-glare, no strobe hazard, natural color temperature, green environmental protection, high safety. The lamps and lanterns used in stadiums will not be too small in power, basically they must be above 50W. Track and field stadiums for ordinary entertainment usually install 50W to 200W track and field LED lights, while large football stadiums that require high-definition television broadcasts, special track and field stadium lights above 1000W are needed. And here we need to pay special attention to heat dissipation. High-power LED lamps, if the heat dissipation is not good, the losses of the lamps will be very large. The high power of the lamp means high power consumption, so energy saving is also a factor that must be considered. Our LED sports floodlights can reach more than 165lm / W, which is more than 70% energy saving than traditional metal halide lamps. Track and field stadium LED lights have constant illumination technology, the illumination level and uniformity can also be guaranteed at the optimal level, avoiding the increase in lighting equipment demand and cost due to the attenuation of illumination.

Track and field stadium lighting layout lighting area also needs to pay attention to avoid athletes, referees are affected by excessive glare due to the layout. When there is a TV broadcast, there is space within 15 degrees on both sides of the bottom line; when there is no TV broadcast, there is space within 10 degrees on both sides of the bottom line.

led sports Lighting

Generally, the general arrangement uses a combination of LED sports field floodlights with appropriate beam angles for projection. The lampshining PRO LED Sports Flood Light can meet various requirements. The rotatable module design can more easily obtain uniform lighting and low glare lighting. The energy-saving effect is more prominent, and a variety of light distribution designs achieve precise light distribution and more uniform illumination.

led sports Lighting rotatable module

Since Lampshining started production of LED outdoor sports lighting products in 2010, it has continuously increased the development of LED lighting products, and has formed a series of product lines in LED sports lighting. At the same time, it can provide corresponding road lighting solutions. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating high-power LED outdoor lighting, intelligent product research and development, production and sales. Welcome to inquire.

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