What are the requirements for hockey stadium lighting design?

Sep. 08, 2020

A modern hockey field must have a good lighting environment to ensure visual effects and meet the lighting requirements of the audience, participants and TV broadcasts. So, do you know how the hockey stadium lighting is designed? Here is a look at the four corners in the hockey field lighting in hockey lighting!

What are the requirements for hockey stadium lighting design, and will the corner lighting of hockey stadium become a trend?

hockey stadium led lighting

Hockey stadium lighting corner arrangement

The hockey stadium lighting four-corner luminaires are arranged in a concentrated manner with the poles at the corners of the hockey field. Until today, many hockey stadium lighting facilities are arranged in four corners. Four light poles are set at the corners of the hockey field. The tower height is generally 33-58m. This arrangement is suitable for hockey courts that are shed or shed but have a low height. In this way, the lighting utilization rate is low, the maintenance and repair is difficult, and the cost is high.

The lowest row of spotlights to the center of the hockey field should be no less than 25° from the ground to determine the height of the pole. Therefore, the distance between the pole and the center of the hockey field is different, and the height of the pole is different. The midpoint of the bottom line is 10° outward from the bottom line of the hockey field (there is a TV angle of 15°), and the middle point of the hockey field edge line and the edge line are at an angle of 5° to the outside of the triangle. To arrange the position of the pole. By using a variety of different beam angle projections, a suitable illumination distribution can be formed on the hockey field.

Club lighting improvement measures

But now TV broadcasts require higher and uniform vertical illumination, and the angle of light required to be incident on the farther portion of the hockey are far less than the prescribed limit. The effect of the higher brightness obtained with large gas discharge lamps, combined with the high height of conventional poles, inevitably produces excessive glare.

The shortcomings of this type of four-corner lamp type are: the visual change of different viewing directions is larger and the shadow is deeper. From the color TV broadcast, it is difficult to control the vertical illumination in all directions and control the glare well. . In order to meet the Ev/Eh ratio requirements and reduce glare, it is necessary to take some improvement measures for the four-corner lighting method of the hockey field.

1. Move the four corners to the sides and the sides to make a certain vertical illumination on the opposite side of the hockey field and the four corners.

2. Increase the number of floodlights on the light pole on the side of the TV main camera to enhance beam projection.

3. Add light strip illumination on the top of the viewing platform on the side of the TV main camera. Pay attention to controlling glare and should not make the audience at both ends of the hockey court detect it.

Due to the professionalism and particularity of hockey sports, the choice of hockey stadium lighting should be extra cautious. In the field of hockey lighting, our own LED stadium floodlights can solve these lighting problems and have our unique advantages.

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hockey stadium light


Our high power led flood light uses aluminum fins for heat dissipation, which has good heat dissipation performance and light weight, and it is 50% lighter than the weight of the die-cast high mast. There is a big advantage in installing our led high pole lights For aerial work.

2.energy saving, low carbon environmental protection

More than 65% energy saving than traditional metal halide lamps;


No risk of light bulb explosion, no use of heavy metals such as mercury, toxic and hazardous substances, no UV light hazard, less light spillage, reducing environmental light pollution.

4.cost-effective, low maintenance

Long service life, more than 50,000 hours of life; up to several times longer than traditional lamps, and up to 160Lm / W efficiency, greatly reducing system installation costs. Low maintenance, saving 80% of long-term maintenance costs.

5.low glare

Uniform light distribution with built-in anti-glare device.

6.easy to switch

The momentary switch is activated and there is no waiting time for use.

For a better hockey experience, it is important to choose a good lighting supplier and manufacturer.

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