What are the precautions for badminton venue lighting?

Sep. 08, 2020

The sport of badminton is characterized by fast ball speed and low difficulty in getting started, suitable for entertainment and fitness. There are many badminton fans around the world. Whether it is a grandfather or a primary school child, you can pick up badminton for two rounds. For the badminton sport, professional badminton venue led lighting is essential, good sports LED lighting will enhance the playing experience, and poor lighting effects will affect the athlete's state!

Badminton court led lighting

LED light power and luminous efficiency value: badminton court HDTV broadcast site average illumination requirement of up to 2000lux, buffer zone needs to reach 1400lux, although the LED light source's luminous efficiency is high, but to achieve such high illumination, for metal halide lights, need High-power lights, and for LED sports field lights, low-power lights can also meet the demand.

Badminton court led lighting

At present, LED lighting fixtures have been introduced to the market. Depending on the venue, we can choose our 100-1440W LED High Mast Light or 100-300W NEMO LED Flood Lights. These two lights can definitely be perfect in badminton court lighting. Performance, many customers said that our LED lights have been beyond their imagination, and have won the unanimous approval of customers.

Because the installation height of the luminaire is relatively high, the weight of the control light can reduce the load on the building structure and greatly reduce the construction cost. Lighting fixtures tend to increase the weight of the fixtures because they have to solve the heat dissipation problem, so the weight of the fixtures should be limited.

The development of LED lights replaced most of the light sources. It is also a perfect replacement for traditional metal halide lights. Our luminaires are lightweight and designed to be quicker and easier to replace and maintain, and with greater efficiency. Lampshining's luminaires are customized according to the different characteristics of the customer's course, 3000-5700k, high efficiency, anti-glare, high uniformity, no glare, comfort, no light pollution.

LED lighting: The installation height of the badminton courts is usually between a few meters and a dozen meters high, and the requirements for uniformity of the control are extremely high (the higher the level of the competition, the higher the uniformity requirement). In terms of lighting, our unique light distribution technology, according to the needs of each stadium and customers to meet the needs of all venues!

The badminton sport is very suitable for our daily exercise, pick up badminton rackets, about a few friends, go to a professional badminton court to play a game, good lighting can make people feel more happy.

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