Can I Use LED Light Source For Indoor High Bay Lighting?

Sep. 08, 2020

For indoor large venues, lighting is essential, so what should you pay attention to when designing lighting? What kind of lighting should I use? Can I use LED High Bay light sources?

In warehouses, workshops, large retail stores and stadiums, the lighting area is large, and high-power high-bay metal halide lamps are usually used. The use of metal halide lamps in high ceiling ceiling fixtures provides sufficient brightness and illumination for these locations.

ufo led high bay light

The advantage of metal halide lamps is that they are always connected to the ballast and have a luminous efficacy of 80-100 LM/W. They provide intense, bright white illumination with a lifetime of 5000-15000 hours. Metal halide lamps have high illumination quality and are typically required for large indoor lighting high scaffolding applications. Although metal halides are an ideal source for high-bay luminaires, the disadvantages are obvious. Lights require reflectors to reflect light, thus causing light loss and tribute elements. Light efficiency is also relatively low. And using high power to achieve illumination, energy consumption is very large.

With the wider application range of LED lighting, the functions of instant opening and intelligent control options are the advantages of LED lights. Now, the application of LED light sources in indoor high bay lighting has been realized.

LED lamps from our Lampshining LED lamp manufacturer have an ultra-high luminous efficiency of 150-160LM/W. Therefore, the 100W UFO LED High Bay Light can replace the 300-400W High Bay metal halide lamp. Not only that, the LED lamp's high color rendering, directional light, will not waste the light source. Therefore, it can be replaced by LED high bay light. Save 60-80% energy consumption. To further save energy, our UFO LED High Bay Light is also equipped with an inductive sensor that allows the fixture to automatically brighten and darken depending on the situation.

The 50,000 hour life and low light decay of LED lamps are not achievable with metal halides. At the end of the life of the LED lamp, the place where the metal halide is used may have been replaced 2-3 times. Although the initial investment is relatively large, after replacing it with LED lights, from the long-term benefits, the return on investment will soon be obtained. The impact of this savings depends on the number of lamps to be replaced, working hours and electricity bills.

LED technology has other potential benefits. It also overcomes the specific disadvantages of metal halides.

At the initial start-up, the metal halide takes 5 minutes to warm up before it can be fully turned on. If the power supply is interrupted, even if it is temporarily interrupted, the metal halide system requires 5 to 10 minutes of cooling time to start the lamp again. The LED is an instant-on light that lights up when the switch is turned on.

Compared to metal halides, LED light are also a light source that is easier to modulate using control devices. Because it is instantly open, it is possible to use sensors to control the opening and closing of the lighting, and the natural advantage makes energy consumption even lower.

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