How to reduce the operating costs of warehouse lighting?

Sep. 08, 2020

Warehousing is a core component and an important pillar of logistics enterprises and plays a vital role in the logistics system. The lighting of the warehouse is also a problem that must be paid attention to in daily operations. The lighting requirements of warehousing lighting have also been upgraded from simple lighting to high-efficiency, efficient and safe energy-efficient lighting. In order to improve the efficiency of the logistics operation, the system plays a very important role in reducing the failure rate, ensuring the safety of operations and reducing the operating cost of the enterprise.

warehouse led lighting

Under the policy of promoting energy conservation and emission reduction globally, energy conservation in industrial lighting is a must. High-quality industrial lighting not only satisfies the industrial production environment, reduces energy consumption, but also has a comfortable visual environment, which helps employees to reduce work fatigue and maintain a good working condition. Thereby improving production efficiency, reducing work error rate, improving the pass rate, reducing production safety accidents, etc., and ultimately improving corporate value.


In order to comply with the global effect, so many warehouse lighting has begun to be refurbished. The new warehouse will also attach great importance to lighting issues. 

When designing warehouse lighting, you should pay attention to the following points:

1. Appropriate illuminance should be selected according to visual requirements, work nature and environmental conditions. Adopt proper brightness distribution and uniformity of illumination to reduce unnecessary shadows and make the visual space clear;

2. Proper selection of light sources and lamps to limit glare and improve the safety of work under lighting;

3. Require no stroboscopic to avoid increasing visual fatigue of the staff;

4. Reasonably select the light source to reduce the adverse effects of light and ultraviolet radiation on people and objects;

5. Handle the choice of light color and color rendering index, and create enough color discrimination environment for warehouse work to create a light environment that makes people feel relaxed, comfortable and beautiful;

So how can we reduce the operating costs of warehouse lighting?

In order to reduce the operating costs of warehouse lighting, great care must be taken when selecting lamps. Once high power metal halides are the best choice for warehouse lighting. However, mercury species emitted by metal halides, 8000-10000 hours of life, and efficiency of only 80-100 LM/W, and excessive light loss make metal halides no longer able to adapt to current storage lighting requirements. Therefore, we should choose the best lighting now, UFO LED high bay light.

Here we recommend our latest product from Lampshining, RPO graphene UFO LED High Bay Light. The main advantages are:

lampshining ufo led high bay light

1. Using heat-dissipating material of graphene, the heat dissipation effect is good;

2.150-160LM/W ultra high efficiency;

3. Lightweight design, safer and more convenient to install and use;

4. Open in time, no warm-up time required;

5. High color rendering, color temperature can be customized;

6.50000 hours of life;

7. With induction sensor, it can automatically sense the environment, then lighten and darken, turn on and off. Reduce the electricity consumption of the lamp, and save 65-80% energy consumption per month compared with metal halide;

ufo led high bay light with induction sensor

1.Light automatically on when ambient brightness is lower than preset lux level;

2.In the case of insufficient ambient brightness, the light will be brightened to 100% when motion is detected;

3.Light dims to standby level if no motion detected afte holdtime;

4.Light off when ambient lux level is higher than preset lux amount;

ufo led high bay light with induction sensor

Because our luminaires have a high efficiency of 150-160 LM/W, our 100W LED high bay light is a perfect replacement for 300-400W metal halides and has an automatic sensing switch. This can greatly reduce the cost of your warehouse lighting operations.

Thank you very much for seeing here. If you are interested in warehouse lighting, you can always contact us, just provide the corresponding information, our engineers will provide you with free DIAlux design;

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