Which lights are suitable for warehouse lighting?

Sep. 08, 2020

Lighting plays an important role in our lives. Modern industry relies on it for its normal work. High-quality industrial lighting not only can meet the extreme environment of industrial production, reduce energy consumption, but also a more comfortable visual environment helps to alleviate the working conditions of long-term work fatigue, thereby improving production efficiency, reducing work errors and reducing production. Security incidents, etc.

For warehouse lighting, if it is an ordinary warehouse, the height is low, the contrast demand is not very high, you can use general indoor lighting (such as lamps, floodlights, etc.); if the warehouse height is high, you must choose a gold with a larger power. Halogen lamps, mining lamps, LED floodlights, etc. According to the height of the warehouse-type factory building, the installation status of the lamps can be generally divided into three types: low shed, medium shed and high shed. The height of the low ceiling is generally less than 5 meters; the installation height of the middle ceiling is generally 5 to 10 meters; the installation height of the high ceiling is more than 10 meters;

warehouse high quality led lighitng

In selecting warehouse lighting fixtures, the following requirements must be met:

1. Illuminance: to meet the requirements of warehouse lighting illumination, generally the ground illumination of the warehouse should not be less than 80lux, in order to identify the cargo label and basic lighting;

2. Energy-saving: The lighting fixtures of the warehouse need to be opened for a long time, and the energy-saving of the lamps is very important, otherwise it will increase the operation cost;

3. Safety: Waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, lightweight lighting fixtures should be used to ensure the safety of the lamps during installation and use;

4. Long life: The warehouse uses more goods in the later period, which is more troublesome to replace, and the long-life luminaire can reduce the number of replacements and reduce the cost. Therefore, it is necessary to select a lamp with a long life and high stability;

5. Restartability: Consider a luminaire that can be restarted instantly. A metal halide lamp requires a warm-up time of 5-10 minutes for all to reach 100% brightness, which is why it is not chosen. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the lamp opening time is too long;

6. Color rendering: High color rendering is more realistic for the actual color. Reduce the error rate of work;

warehouse led high bay lighitng

Due to the low efficiency of metal halide lamps and high pressure sodium lamps, low life, slow start, power consumption, and mercury. Therefore, it has not been prioritized in warehouse lighting, and many warehouse contractors have replaced their warehouse lighting with LED light sources.

Here we recommend three of our Lampshining LED luminaires, which are ideal for warehouse lighting.

1.RGO Graphene UFO LED High Bay Light

The light efficiency can sink 150-160LM/W. Induction sensor and remote control can make it and traditional lamps Compared to energy savings of 60-80%. Suitable for indoor Hanging Pendant LED lighting, is a perfect substitute for metal halides and high pressure sodium lamps;

rgo ufo led high bay light

To minimize the energy consumption of warehouse lighting, our UFO LED High Bay Light has an inductive sensor that senses the surrounding lighting levels. The UFO LED High Bay Light is automatically and intelligently switched as the ambient light intensity changes. E.g:

rgo ufo led high bay light with Induction Sensor

1.Light automatically on when ambient brightness is lower than preset lux level;

2.In the case of insufficient ambient brightness, the light will be brightened to 100% when motion is detected;

3.Light dims to standby level if no motion detected afte holdtime;

4.Light off when ambient lux level is higher than preset lux amount;

2.LED Linear High Bay Light

127LM/W with waterproof sensor;

warehouse led linear high bay light

3.LED Low Bay Light

133LM/W, modular fin heatsink design;

warehouse led low bay light

Thank you very much for seeing this. If you are interested in this, you can contact us. We have professional engineers to customize the optimal lighting for your warehouse, so that you can get the maximum return with the least investment.

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