What factors should be considered for professional soccer field lighting?

Sep. 08, 2020

Soccer has always attracted the attention of many fans. For the soccer sport, professional soccer stadiums are indispensable! For a professional soccer field, not only the architectural appearance is beautiful, the various soccer are well-equipped, but also require a good lighting environment, requiring appropriate and uniform illumination and brightness, good color rendering and no glare.

soccer field led floodlight

In the lighting design of the soccer field, the following three factors should be considered:

  1. To ensure the brightness, to meet the visual requirements of athletes and referees during soccer matches, without glare, glare, affecting the athletes' competition and affecting the accurate judgment of the referees.

  2. Meet the visual requirements of the audience, and the lights can not interfere and affect the game.

  3. To meet the lighting requirements of color TV broadcast, it should have high color rendering, no stroboscopic, and improve the lighting effect as much as possible, so that the broadcast quality is better.

  4. Take full account of the convenience and safety of lighting equipment during installation and maintenance;

  5. Energy-saving issues should be fully considered, and high-efficiency and energy-saving stadium LED floodlights should be selected.

With the development of LED lighting, there are more and more lighting new construction and renovation projects in soccer stadiums across the country. soccer field lighting is an essential part of the soccer field. It plays a very important role in the daily use of the soccer field, such as training, competition, and television broadcasting. The professional soccer field lighting system is also receiving more and more attention from the owners. It is no longer a random installation of lighting fixtures. At present, attention is paid to various professional problems such as horizontal illumination, vertical illumination, illumination uniformity, illumination gradient, glare limitation, color temperature of light source, color rendering, and stroboscopic effect.

The horizontal illumination in the soccer field lighting refers to the horizontal illumination of the ground of the stadium. It is an important indicator to measure the lighting level of the soccer field. Vertical illumination is another important indicator in the design of soccer field lighting. It has an important influence on the audience watching the game and TV broadcasting.

stadium led flood light fixtures for soccer field

In the traditional soccer field lighting, most of the metal halide lamps are used, and as the technology of LED lamps becomes more mature, the emergence of high-power LED lamps and numerous soccer fields have begun to be replaced with LED floodlights. Compared with metal halide lamps, LED lamps have obvious advantages.

  1. The start time of the metal halide lamp takes more than 5 minutes, and the LED lamp is turned on without waiting and starting in time.

  2. Most of the color rendering of metal halide lamps is only 60 or lower, and LED lamps can reach 70 or more;

  3. LED lamps have no strobe.

  4. The life of LED lamps is up to 50,000 hours, and the maximum number of metal halide lamps is 10,000 hours.

  5. LED lamps have good glare control and rich distribution of light to meet the lighting needs of different stadiums.

  6. energy-saving effect is obvious, more than 60% energy saving than metal halide lamps.

  7. The annual light decay rate of metal halide lamps is high.

  8. LED lamps are more likely to meet the requirements of TV broadcast.

At present, the newly-built venues and the lighting renovation of old venues, the stadium LED floodlights have become the choice of most people.

stadium led flood light fixtures

Lampshining is a professional led light manufacturers, our Stadium LEDs floodlights have Lulumineds light source with high brightness and high color rendering, which can directly replace traditional lighting products such as metal halide lamps. Light decay, glare control is good, no The stroboscopic design provides an excellent lighting environment for athletes, referees and spectators with high-quality lighting close to natural light.

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