The importance of lighting for the stadium

Sep. 09, 2020

The stadium is an important part of our lives, and the stadium is a great choice for our leisure and sports. The main role of the stadium is to exercise, and a good playground is very important for people. At night, lighting problems will affect the stadium, so choosing lighting fixtures has become a problem for many stadiums.

Large-scale stadium facilities are mainly used to meet the development of urban sports and to compete in competitions. If the stadium construction is not certified enough, it is easy to increase operating costs. In particular, the choice of lighting fixtures, if the quality of the lamps is poor, it may take less than a year to replace the stadium lighting, not only need to buy lamps repeatedly, but also affect the normal operation of the stadium.

Illumination and illuminance uniformity are important indicators in lighting design, and are also the main content in lighting detection. In particular, TV broadcast has high requirements for vertical illumination of camera direction and uniformity of illumination, when the construction conditions or other conditions of the site are subject to When it is limited, this indicator is difficult to achieve. It has been proved that the position of the pole and the horse road is particularly important for implementing the lighting scheme, so it should be paid attention to in the design of the building. The installation design of the luminaire is unreasonable, which not only directly affects various lighting technical indicators, but also causes a large amount of waste of electrical energy.

stadium led lighting

The functional requirements of sports lighting are very high, especially the stadiums with TV broadcasts have higher functional requirements for lighting. High illumination, high uniformity, high light source color rendering in stadiums, etc., require good lighting products. In addition to reasonable horse-track settings and high-level lighting design, there is also a high power consumption.

Outdoor LED lighting is more durable and durable than traditional metal halide or high pressure sodium stadium lights. LED sports lighting produces brighter, better quality lighting, providing athletes and spectators with better opportunities to see the details of the field, thus improving the overall quality of the sport and the good mood of people. In addition, LED lamps consume less than half the energy of conventional lamps and require less maintenance and repair over a longer lifetime.

stadium led lighting

The sports lighting of the stadium is very high, but our customers have used LED stadium lights to save a lot of operating costs and improve the lighting effect of the venue. When considering the advantages of LEDs over traditional outdoor sports lighting, it is easy to understand why LED sports lighting is the choice of most people.

More and more outdoor sports fields are beginning to be replaced with LED sports lighting. Indoor and outdoor sports activities will change, changing the way we compete, and the enthusiasm of the audience. .

led stadium lights

LED stadium lights use high-brightness lamp beads, which can directly replace traditional lighting products such as metal halide lamps, achieving green, energy-saving, healthy and environmentally friendly effects. Provide sufficient and uniform illumination for the stadium, and high-quality lighting close to natural light provides the best view for athletes and spectators.

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