Why can't sports field lighting use ordinary LED lights?

Sep. 09, 2020

Sports field lighting is a very important facility for various sports events, because it must not only meet the requirements of athletes' games, but also the broadcast effects of various TV networks.

However, many people think that ordinary high-power LED lights are sufficient for sports field lighting. In fact, ordinary LED lamps cannot be used for sports field lighting. LED lamps that are not specifically designed for sports fields will experience light decay, uneven illumination, and glare.

sports field led lighting

What are the characteristics of LED sports field lighting fixtures compared with ordinary LED lighting fixtures?

1. LED sports field lighting has better heat dissipation system to avoid light decay.

A 600W LED luminaire will generate a large amount of heat during several hours of continuous operation at night. Poor heat dissipation will directly reduce the service life of LED lamps. Because LED lamps convert electrical energy into light energy, but cannot convert 100% of electrical energy into light energy, excess electrical energy is converted into thermal energy. If the design of the heat dissipation structure of the LED lamp is not reasonable and the heat cannot be quickly dissipated, a large amount of heat energy will be accumulated in the LED lamp, which will reduce the life span, and overheating for a long time will also cause the light color of the lamp to be inconsistent. Loss of material in the luminaire, resulting in serious light decay of the luminaire. The special LED sports field lighting fixture adopts high heat-conducting material heat dissipation technology, and the heat conduction is fast, which solves the problem of slow heat dissipation. It solves the problem that ordinary LED lamps are prone to aging and light decay. And make sure that the illumination level and uniformity are constant.

2. LED sports field lights can be dimmed intelligently and can adapt to different environments.

Ordinary LED lamps have no light control system. Sometimes there is no way to meet the changing lighting needs on the sports field, and the dedicated stadium lighting fixtures can be configured with a variety of intelligent systems to intelligently control light on various sports fields.

3. LED sports field lights have professional optical design, glare glare.

This is a very critical design of LED sports field lights. The professional light distribution angle allows LED sports field lighting fixtures to solve the problems of glare, uneven brightness, and light waste. However, ordinary LED lamps have no professional glare treatment, and they will be dazzling when used on sports fields, directly affecting the state of spectators and athletes.

led sports lighting

Many problems of led sports lights are caused by packaging, so packaging technology is

Is the key technology. There are three main points:

1. Poor packaging materials, such as epoxy, silicone, phosphor, base, conductive adhesive, solid crystal materials, etc.

2. The package structure design is unreasonable, such as mismatched materials, stress, cracks, and open circuits.

3. The packaging process is not suitable, such as chip mounting, pressure welding, dispensing process, curing temperature and time, etc.

In order to improve the reliability of device packaging, first of all, the quality of materials must be strictly controlled in terms of the selection of raw materials. In addition to considering the light output efficiency and heat dissipation in the packaging structure, it is also necessary to consider the thermal expansion matching problem when multiple materials are combined. Guarantee the performance and reliability of led sports field lights.

Obviously, ordinary LED lamps cannot be used in sports fields, and LED sports field lights need to be used. In order to ensure the quality of LED sports lights, Lampshining requires aging treatment until the end of production.

led sports light fixtures

LED sports field lamp aging refers to the process of lighting the LED sports field lamp under the specified voltage and use environment or other parameters after the semi-finished product or finished product is produced. During the lighting process, the quality, function and life of the LED sports field lamp are detected. . But why do aging tests? Product quality theory tells us that most of the product failures occur in the early stage. Before shipping the products to customers, do sufficient aging tests to solve the problems in time.

LED sports field light detection room

We promise that all LED sport lights will be tested before ordering in bulk. The LED lamp will age for more than 8 hours, which avoids various problems that may occur in the LED sports field lamp during use. All products are QC inspected before packaging. The guaranteed cargo loss rate is less than 3%.

If you are interested in LED sports lights, please feel free to contact us.

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Why can't sports field lighting use ordinary LED lights?'>

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