Why is the stadium lighting replaced with LED light?

Sep. 09, 2020

In recent years, more and more stadiums have begun to use LED stadium lighting, accounting for an increasing proportion; the new stadium venues are preferred LED stadium lighting, stadium renovation has also changed from traditional metal halide lamps to more adaptive Strong, more energy-efficient LED stadium lighting has already shown that LED lighting is changing people's lives. So what are the advantages of LED stadium lighting? Why do so many stadiums have LED lighting as their primary choice?

stadium lighting replaced with led lighting

Lighting characteristics of LED stadium lighting:

1. High color rendering, high light efficiency, no stroboscopic for large stadiums, stadium are high-speed mobile projects. Athletes need to accurately judge the high-speed ball. Enough brightness is very important for real-life restoration. The stadium with high-quality lighting is always Attractive people stop to watch. A visual experience that gives athletes and stadium audiences a more satisfying experience;

2. LED stadium lighting system has the function of turning on, even if it is turned on, the brightness of all LED stadium lighting can reach 100%, no warm-up time is needed. The metal halide lamp needs to wait for 5 minutes to reach full brightness, and the restart takes longer to wait. Therefore, LED stadium lighting can adjust the lights immediately during halftime breaks or during race breaks;

3. LED lamps have the function of eliminating stroboscopic. When the TV broadcasts, in order to ensure the clear picture of the broadcast, the TV broadcast of the LED stadium lighting eliminates the strobe can be played without flicker at a speed of 20,000 frames per second. And it is able to balance between warm and cool colors, so the image is brighter and clearer on the TV. There is almost no shadow, glare or spillover, and the action picture is clear and smooth, and the audience can capture the scene of the broadcast in detail. Greatly enhance the audience experience;

4. The energy saving effect is obvious, the service life is long, and the maintenance cost is low; the operating cost is greatly reduced. With the advancement of lighting technology, the energy-saving effect of LED stadium lighting is its most important feature, which is more than 60-80% energy saving compared with traditional metal halide lamps; and the service life of LED stadium lighting is more than 50,000 hours. Metal halide lamps are several times better. And almost no maintenance is required, only the lamps need to be cleaned. Compared with the metal halide lamp, it saves a lot of maintenance costs in maintenance;

Take Lampshining LED stadium lights as an example. If you used the traditional 1000W metal halide lamp, you only need to use the lampshining 400W LED lamp to replace it. The power has dropped by 600W. Obviously, the electricity bill is also greatly reduced. The more lamps used in the stadium, the more obvious the energy-saving effect. The return on investment is usually recovered within two years.

stadium led lighting

The main reason why so many stadiums have LED lighting as their primary choice is the above. While the LED stadium lights are very good, there are so many lighting market lights.

Some merchants have adopted many low-quality materials and accessories to make the price of the product more attractive. This is highly undesirable. Here we recommend our own high quality LED stadium lighting.

The main advantages of Lampshining LED Stadium High Mast Lighting:

dragonfly led stadium high mast lighting fixtures

1.Unique quality of light with flickerfree operation suitable for HDTV broadcasting and Super Slow Motion.

2.Flexible optical system optimising lighting distributions for best in class results.

3.Compact and low weight for minimal structural costs.

4.Fully controllable solution enabling instant lighting, stepped illumination levels and event lighting with dynamic lighting scenarios.

5.100-277VAC, no additional adapter required.

6.1800W led floodlights up to 270,000 Lumens.

7.We offer a 5-year warranty on this LED floodlight.

8.60%-80% energy efficiency, can work more than 50,000 hours, you can save a lot of energy consumption every year after replacing our LED lights.

9.Lightweight design will reduce safety hazards and installation difficulties when installed at high altitude.

10.Instant start and no flicker, so there is no need to worry about startup issues.

11.High uniformity and color rendering.

LED lighting is used as a way to save money in many places, and in the long run, this will definitely help. However, when installing them first, consulting professionals can get the most appropriate lighting. If you need professional lighting to know, please contact us. Our team of lighting professionals will be here to help you plan the best LED lighting solutions to make your stadium more attractive.

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