Which lighting fixture should be used in a large basketball stadium?

Dec. 17, 2021

The basketball stadium in 2022 is highly demanding and professional. It not only requires beautiful buildings, but also various sports equipment. In order to ensure that the audience watch the game, the TV station broadcasts the game and other functions, it is necessary to have a good lighting environment. Sports lighting should be able to meet the illuminance of basketball games. It is required that the lighting lights have small glare and uniform brightness, and effective control of spillover light, so as to ensure that athletes can complete the task of the game.

Large basketball stadium led lighting

However, there are still many customers who do not know what lighting fixtures to use in basketball halls, and believe that ordinary high-power lighting can satisfy basketball stadiums, which is obviously wrong. At present, the lighting system of many basketball stadiums is backward, does not adopt a professional design, high energy consumption, large glare, and the illumination cannot meet the basic requirements for lighting of various sports. E.g:

1. The lamps are equipped with large power, high energy consumption, poor light efficiency, high noise, short life, difficult maintenance, high maintenance cost and poor use effect.

2. Low comprehensive cost performance of waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, high temperature resistance, etc

Serious change, short life, large light attenuation, beyond the economic life of the light source.

3. The light is dim and uneven, and the glare is serious, which causes the sports environment to not meet the demand for lighting, and damages the vision and physical health of athletes for a long time.

5. The overall lighting efficiency is less than 0.55, which is far lower than the basketball hall's requirement for lighting efficiency above 0.7.

basketball stadium led sports lighting

Professional basketball court lighting requirements:

1. Lumen requirements are high

The height of the basketball stadium is very high, and it needs very high lumen to meet the requirements of TV broadcasting; we can watch high-definition television broadcasting in front of the TV;

2. Accurate light distribution and diverse light distribution

Large-scale stadium lighting is required for television broadcasting; it must not only meet the requirements of illumination and uniformity on the horizontal plane, but also the requirements of illumination and uniformity on the vertical plane, but also control the incident angle of light to prevent players from moving in the position and visual Glare is caused in the field, which affects the performance of the level, and does not overflow into the auditorium. The light beams of multiple lamps should be used to cooperate with each other to achieve the best lighting effect.

3. Anti-glare and anti-spill structure

Anti-glare is one of the important indicators of sports lighting. In addition to professional light distribution design, the glare control of the luminaire also needs to increase the shading structure to reduce glare and prevent external light, which should not affect the auditorium.

4. Good color rendering

Color rendering is a measure of color reproducibility. The higher the color rendering index, the higher the color reproducibility and the more comfortable the light. For venues where major international games are broadcast on television, the light from the lamps and lanterns should be very good at reducing the color. The color rendering index should be no less than 80. The color rendering index of high-definition television broadcasting major international competitions should not be lower than 90Ra;

5. Angle adjustment device

During the installation of the luminaire, it is very important to distribute the luminaire. This cloth light method is mainly used in professional basketball halls with high space height. Like some large stadiums, it is based on this method to achieve the design level of illumination and uniformity. Reliable aiming adjustment.

Large basketball stadium lighting layout

All these conditions are met to satisfy the audience's good viewing effect, to ensure the lighting requirements required by referees, athletes, and competition events, and to ensure good camera and TV broadcast effects. Large-scale comprehensive stadiums are usually competition venues, and are broadcasted on television. The vertical illumination is required to be above 1000lx. The illumination of the NBA is more demanding. We can watch the NBA clearly on TV because the game scene has high-quality lighting. The performance of professional basketball halls is suitable for high-brightness and high-efficiency lamps. In addition, the illumination of the auditorium should not be less than 20lx. Different venues have different requirements. Generally, ceiling lamps or low-power flood lights can be used to meet the lighting of the auditorium.

Obviously, the latest generation of LED lighting fixtures can meet the needs of modern professional basketball stadium lighting. However, not all LED lighting fixtures are suitable for basketball stadiums. In the field of basketball court lighting, the LED sports lighting designed by Lampshining for sports lighting has excellent high light efficiency, low glare, no flicker, high color rendering, and professional Light distribution and other characteristics.

dragonfly pro led sports light

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