Why do sports fields use high-efficiency LED lighting?

Sep. 09, 2020

Lighting has an important impact on human activities. In order to meet the lighting in various environments, scientists have invented various lamps. Common lighting sources are metal halide lamps, incandescent lamps, and high-pressure sodium lamps. Although these light sources have made great contributions to human beings, as people pay more and more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection and the rapid development of LED lighting technology, traditional lamps are gradually being replaced by LED lights.

Traditional lamps used in the past have the disadvantages of glare, high energy consumption, short life, inconvenient installation, poor color rendering, and insufficient actual brightness. It has been difficult to meet the requirements of sports field lighting in modern times. The lighting quality of the stadium is mainly designed according to the athletes and referees, the audience on the scene, and the audience in front of the TV. The quality of the stadium lighting depends on the level of illuminance, the uniformity of the illuminance and the degree of glare control. The level of lighting required by athletes is different from that of spectators. For athletes, the level of lighting required is relatively low, and the purpose of the spectator is to watch the game, and there is a distance from the playing field, so the lighting requirements are higher. Illumination uniformity, glare, color temperature, and color rendering are all criteria for judging the level of lighting in sports fields. The use of incorrect lighting sources can cause interference to athletes and affect their performance.

Dim sport field lighting

The stadium lighting is divided into indoor lighting and outdoor stadium lighting, and different ways of installing lights are also different. Standards are usually divided into several levels according to the sports field:

200lx illumination for training and entertainment activities;

Amateur competition 500lx;

Professional competition 750lx, general TV broadcast 1000lx;

Large-scale international competitions broadcast 1400lx and TV emergency 750lx.

Reasons for high-efficiency LED lighting in sports fields

Because LED lamps and traditional lamps emit light differently. Traditional lamps emit heat first and then emit light, while the light source accounts for only 8%, the heat accounts for 73%, and 19% is infrared. In the LED light source, 40% of the energy is converted into light, and the remaining 60% is heat. Although the heat output of LED is also very high, compared with metal halide lamps, its luminous efficiency has been improved many times, and there is no generation and waste of infrared rays. Therefore, the halogen lamp's luminous efficiency cannot be greatly improved because of its light emitting principle. It took a few years for LED lights to improve the light efficiency to 160LM / W, which is very amazing. With the same energy consumption and power, LED lighting can emit light that is many times brighter than traditional lamps, and directional light causes the LED light source to not be wasted.

sport field led lighting

In fact, the simplest reasons for using LED lighting in sports fields are:

1. Extend the exercise time of sports venues;

2. Attract more athletes and spectators;

3. Reduce energy expenditure;

4. Reduce maintenance expenses;

5.Dimmable, timely opening and closing characteristics;

6.Get higher quality lighting performance;

LED lighting CRI is greater than 70. This is compared to HPS below 30. This is a very big gap. LED lights with higher CRI make everything look sharper and brighter. Players on the court have a better experience because they can see the ball more clearly and judge the movement of the opponent. The fans can also clearly see the game. Show the most realistic status of the game.

In today's major competitions, you can hardly see older metal halide and high pressure sodium lighting fixtures. LED sports field lighting has begun to be widely used. When considering the advantages of LED sports field lighting over traditional lighting, it is easy to understand why LED lighting is the first choice for sports fields.

Outdoor LED lighting is more durable, more efficient and more environmentally friendly than traditional metal halide lamps or high-pressure sodium sports stadium lights. LED sports lighting fixtures produce brighter, better-quality light, enabling athletes and spectators to get the best experience while watching a game, thereby improving the overall quality of a sports game.

In addition, LED lamps consume less than 50% of the energy of traditional lamps and require less maintenance and repair during their longer life. Whether it is operating in the sports field or using experience, LED sports lighting is the best choice. More and more outdoor sports venues are beginning to notice the advantages of LED lighting. It is gradually changing the way we watch our favorite sports.

What lights are used in the Sport field?

Sports field lighting source can use the latest technology-LED sports flood light. This is our latest product, very flexible and efficient.

sport field led lighting fixtures

What are the requirements for LED sports lighting?

There are also good and bad products in LED lights. In order to achieve high-quality lighting conditions, we need to understand what kind of LED lighting fixtures are most needed in sports fields.

1. The lamp has an efficient cooling system

When LED converts electric energy into light energy, it will generate 60% heat, and high temperature will cause damage to electronic components. Therefore, the lamp must have good heat dissipation performance to avoid excessive temperature. Efficient heat dissipation can not only ensure the high-quality lighting performance of high pole lamps, but also significantly increase the service life of the lamps. Efficient heat dissipation is generally achieved through structural design, heat sinks, and thermally conductive materials. This is related to the design of the luminaire and the LED lighting manufacturer with manufacturing experience.

2. Professional light distribution

Precise light control is essential for sports lighting. The excellent lens design will guide the light to accurately illuminate the corresponding area, so that all sports participants can enjoy the joy of sports without causing unnecessary light pollution to the surroundings.

3. Convenient on-site maintenance

Maintenance is a very important task throughout the life cycle of a high pole light. Compared with traditional metal halide lamps, LED high pole lamps have extremely long service life, which can usually reach 50,000 hours, so it can greatly save maintenance and replacement costs.

4. Rotatable module for easy adjustment

LED lamps with rotatable modules can be easily adjusted according to the needs of the venue, and our latest Dragonfly PRO series LED sports stadium lamps have scales, which can more accurately control the lighting direction, achieve the best lighting angle and achieve uniform lighting .

5. Smart Lighting Control

The characteristics of timely turning on and off allow LED sports lighting to achieve intelligent lighting, which cannot be achieved by traditional lamps.

LED sports lighting that meets the above conditions can enable athletes to exert the best level of competition, so that audiences around the world can truly and clearly understand the dynamics of the stadium, and incorporate the greatest enthusiasm for watching games. Excellent sports stadiums require the highest quality LED sports lighting. Good stadium lighting can bring on-site athletes, referees, and audiences billions of television viewers around the world to bring the best live effects and TV broadcast pictures. The role of LED sports lighting in international sports events has become increasingly important.

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